Seventh Son delivering non-stop ROCK for over 30 years…. and still counting…

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With over 30 years of history, Seventh Son is one band that you will never get tired of hearing. Formed in 1980 in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England and performed their first gig at a “Speakeasy” in Wakefield.  Since then, they  have been delivering kick ass classic rock with a blend of heavy metal undertones. They recently went down in history as they were dubbed one of Barnsley’s oldest established bands. Well, if you have not heard of Seventh Son, first: shame on you!!!, second: let me open your ears to excellent polished rock that will kick your ass! Their music has everything rock, catch chorus, powerful vocals, great guitar riffs, from anthemic rock songs to stadium love ballads.

Check out their video which celebrates 30 Years of Vinyl:

We had the opportunity to interview Seventh Son and we are pleased to share it with you:

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Music Junkie Press: Thank you Seventh Son for talking with us here at Music Junkie Press!  Can you tell us what Seventh Son is currently working on?

Dave: Thanks for talking to us guys. Appreciate that. At the moment we are writing and recording for our 4th album, as yet untitled. We are about half way though. All the tracks are there and about half the recording. We record drums and bass in one studio with a good sound room, guitars in another where we can get great a great guitar sound and vocals in a small vocal studio local to us.

Music Junkie Press:  I bet it is going to sound awesome, can’t wait! We watched and shared the video of Seventh Son – 30 Years of Vinyl. That is absolutely incredible. During those years, we have seen music go through many changes, even in how it is distributed, i.e. cassette, CD, MP3, etc.  We absolutely love vinyl ourselves, how about you? What is your preferred method and also impression of the changes?

Dave: Thanks for the cool comments guys – yes we’ve been around since 1980 and so as you can imagine we love vinyl. We try to get our albums released on all formats where possible and the vinyl versions always include a poster, lyrics and all sorts of stuff that you couldn’t possibly fit into a CD package or on a download!  We think the changes are nessessary but we do think that they can live together. For instance we have no problem with downloads if that’s what the kids want – it’s cheaper and instantly convenient – but for the true music lover, the feel, smell and excitement of the vinyl can’t be beaten.

Music Junkie Press: So true about vinyl. always my preferred way of getting my music. From that first album, Dangerous Kiss, which is your favorite song?

Dave: Our favorite song from Dangerous Kiss is the first track, Early Warning. A fast and furious opener with a good build up.

Music Junkie Press: Dangerous Kiss is my fave too! Can you tell us more about your album “Spirit World” and is it available here in the States?

Dave: Spirit World is our current album and really is based on the life of our singer, Bri, and what he was going through during the time that the album was made. Is is both happy and sad, especially the last song ‘Haunted by the past’ which prompts us to look back over our lives while we move on from bad times.   The song ‘Last witch is England’ is based on the real life story of Helen Duncan – a spiritulist medium who was hounded to death for predicting the deaths of soldiers during world war 2. The song was picked up by the official Helen Duncan website and features on there. The album is available from our website and can be sent worldwide.

Music Junkie Press: That is some great history behind the album and Haunted by the Past  just is soul searching at its best. We understand you released an incredible version of Dallas – 1pm from Saxon that just brings chills it is so amazing! Do you have any future plans to remake/cover any other songs?

Dave: The version of ‘Dallas 1pm’ was made for a special tribute to Saxon album called ‘Eagleution’. Graham Oliver, guitarist from Saxon, said that this was the best song on the album. We are good friends with Graham now and speak to him regularly.  We have no plans to release any more cover versions at the moment.

Music Junkie Press: Do you  have any upcoming shows you want to let us know about?

Dave: No shows at the moment at we are taking time off to record the new record.

Music Junkie Press: If you could go back and talk to your 14 year old self, what advice would you give to yourself?

Dave: We would say to our young selves to gig with live bands as much as possible. Play with as many musicians as possible as the transition from bedroom musician to stage musician is a big leap. Also practice a lot because as you get older, the time for practicing reduces.

Music Junkie Press: What do you think of all the “new genres and sub-genres” of music that are out today or just your impression of the current new music scene?

Dave: There is a place for all genres of music and encourage the crossovers between different types of music. The only danger is that in our rock scene, a lot of the bands start sounding the same. It is very important to have your own identity within the genre in order to break through the other side.

Music Junkie Press: What three artists were the most influential for you and continued to get you to pursue your dream in music?

Dave: Black Sabbath, Alex Harvey Band, David Bowie (the early years).

Music Junkie Press: Great influences there! In the past 30 years, technology has dramatically changed and have given us so many things that we didn’t have growing up, internet, cell phone, social media sites, Ipods, etc. What one thing do you wish you had growing up that they have out today?

Dave: Time is the best thing that technology has brought to us. When we were recording back in the 80’s it cost a small fortune to buy studio time and a good engineer. Consequently, songs were rushed through to keep the soaring costs down and you always thought that you could have done better.  These days, it is a lot easier to get a good sound from the start, and many bands even choose to go down the ‘home studio’ route with technology providing the same tools in a laptop computer that were in big studios 20 years earlier!  This frees up more time to record your material and to take as long as you need to get your material sounding the best it can.

Music Junkie Press: If Seventh Son could put together their dream lineup, what three artists/bands living or dead would you want to play with?

Dave: Ronnie James Dio on vocals, Hendrix on guitar, John Entwistle on bass and for a drummer we’d go for Ian Paice.

Music Junkie Press: If I could peak into your Ipod or Playlist, what song or artist might we be most surprised at finding in there?

Dave: Kate Bush maybe, or Be Bop Deluxe, or even a bit of easy listening with Erik Satie!!!!!

Music Junkie Press: Erik Satie!! YES! Gymnopodies! What three things can you tell us about Seventh Son that might be something we didn’t know?

Dave: 1) Graham Oliver for Saxon played on our Album ‘Spirit World’ – he did the guitar solo on ‘Unfinished Business’!

2) We were once managed by Factory Records who went on to have a number one UK hit with Jive Bunny.

3) Bri (singer) owns Paul Quinns white leather jacket which featured on the back of Saxons ‘Wheels of steel’ album – it’s now in a dedicated Seventh Son section in the new ‘Experience Barnsley Museum’ – in Barnsley.

Music Junkie Press: Lastly, is there anything else you would like to share with our audience?

Dave: Just to say thanks for taking time out to read this and if you would like to know any more information about us please go to

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We hope you get to check out their website as well as their other social media sites. They also have some great videos on their Youtube channel.  I am excited about another album in the works!

~ Crank it up loud, Marisol
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