Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators ROCK Oakland!

What an awesome night it was…. Last night I was at the Fox Theater in Oakland, CA to cover Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators show. I did learn earlier in the week that Myles Kennedy was suffering through a bout of bronchitis and I was glad to see that the show was still going to go on!

The first opening band was Electric Sister which is a true hard rock band from Oakland, California. These guys put on a great show with incredible energy and their music is a blend of hard rock with punk and classic rock swirled in.  You will have to take the time and check out their music, I will be writing more about them at a later date.

Next up is one of my new favorite bands, Foxy Shazam. I have been wanting to see them live for the past year and unfortunately had to miss my other opportunities. I wish I would have seen them sooner because now I know what I was missing and I want more of Foxy Shazam! The intense energy of this band rivals none. It is like watching a full circus show, something to see from each one on stage. Every one of these guys gives a 150% in their performance.  From watching the lead singer, Eric Sean Nally do headstands, cross stage tumbles and jumps to trumpeter and back up vocalist Alex Nauth spinning and jumping to being in awe of pianist Sky White as he crowd surfed while playing his keyboard! They are just raw in your face rock that keeps you wanting more.  I definitely can’t wait to see more Foxy Shazam.

Now that the crowd was energized and ready to ROCK HARD, Slash came out and it was a night that will not be forgotten. Myles still was suffering with his bronchitis and would have Todd Kerns sing some of the songs which he did perfectly! Even with Myles being under the weather, you couldn’t tell because he really gave it his all and was awesome.  Of course you would be just in a complete trance as you watch the beauty of Slash on his guitar. It is almost a guilty voyeuristic pleasure as if watching a couple and their display of  PDA. Which is exactly what Slash does, he is just making love to that guitar and it leaves everyone satisfied and in awe, curled up in a fetal position and just sighing, Ahhhhh. The set list was full of some great Guns n Roses hits off Appetite for Destruction and slipped in a couple Velvet Revolver songs. There was of course my personal favorites  “Anastasia”, “No More Heroes” and “You’re a Lie”. It was a great night. Here is a video of my fave Anastasia:


Tonight they were going to be playing their last show for the US at the Wiltern in Los Angeles but I just got word that due to illness the show has been rescheduled to December. I am grateful that this will give Myles the time he needs to heal and not push himself too hard. I definitely don’t want anything to happen to that voice! I know I have told you before but I swear there should be a law that Myles should have to sing at all times. I could just imagine him walking in to Starbucks and has to sing his order for a caramel macchiato or a green tea.  Then if he gets pulled over he could just sing to the officer and of course he would not get a ticket. Oh yes, that would be the life to listen to it with Myles singing away.

I will have an update with the video links from last night’s show but for now, here is a link for the photos:

and here are some of my favorite shots:

Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators
Foxy Shazam
Electric Singer

Welcome to the Jungle Video with Todd Kerns


You can see more videos from this show and others at RockinRyansGarage channel  or click here. 



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