It is time to make some noise for A Silent Film

A Silent Film is a powerhouse quartet from Oxford, UK that took me by surprise on Saturday night. I went to see Blue October play at The Regency Ballroom and you can read my full review from that show here. A Silent Film was one of the opening bands and I am sure glad that I got there in time to watch their whole set. These guys were incredible. I was up sitting in the balcony area and gathering my notes for my review and as soon as they hit the stage, I literally got up and had to get downstairs onto the floor and to see if what I was hearing was accurate! I swear for a second there I was taken back to the first time that I listened to U2 as a teenager and became enmeshed with Alternative Rock. It was the sweet lyrics, uptempo beat, melodic harmonies all drawing me in once again. I stood there and my mind was flooded with some of my favorite acts coming to mind; Jack’s Mannequin, Coldplay, U2 and so many more. A Silent Film does nothing to imitate them, instead they offer their own incredible sound that has me in awe of what they deliver and I was captivated. I soon became hooked and I am sure if you take a listen you will too.

Just who is A Silent Film? Well you have Robert Stevenson on vocals and piano, Karl Bareham on guitar, Ali Hussain on bass and Spencer Walker on drums. These guys together create the symmetry of music that is a work of art. The crowd loved them and you could really tell they were just as surprised as I was. I spoke to several people who said they were so happy to discover them and announced they were their new dedicated fans. They really created a positive energy in the room that was contagious and I must say, a bit addictive! As soon as they finished their set, I made sure to get their CD since I needed to add them to my daily playlist. My son Ryan who absolutely loved them gave them the laminates he made for them and got to snap a quick photo with Robert.

So, make sure to check out A Silent Film and head over to their website and order their new CD, “Sand & Snow” or if you are into downloading then head over to Itunes and download it. You know how I am still in love with the hardcopy of music, whether it be a CD or LP. I usually end up getting both but I just love to have the physical CD too.

I have included a couple of my photos from the night as well as videos of two of my favorite performances from the San Francisco show.

~ Enjoy, Marisol



My photos from San Francisco Show!

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  1. I have to say that I was quite impressed with their music. Usually opening acts are not worth my time and I end up hanging out at the bar or downstairs. They didn’t have the downstairs open so I hung out on the floor. I was happy I did since my wife and I loved this band. It was really a good show. the other opening band was great too. the whole night was A plus

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