An Honest Year release music video for Everything Man

Photo Credit: Callan Kapush Photography
Photo Credit: Callan Kapush Photography

We have been counting down to the release and it is now hear, the new music video by An Honest Year for Everything Man. This song really is catchy and has a blend of alternative and pop punk. It is a great new track and has a fun and flirty vibe to it, which is also highlighted in their new video. Check it out and get hooked:

Band Members:

  • Matt McKay – Vocals
  • Stephen Morrell – Lead Guitar
  • Jon Pfingsten – Rhythm Guitar
  • Jordan Mitchell – Bass/Vocals
  • Greg Pinney – Drums

Produced by Jordan Mitchell and directed by Chris Newhard and music video produced by ShaunPaul Costello. The new song, Everything Man will be available on iTunes tomorrow. You can also pick up the Moments EP on iTunes. Make sure to visit their social media sites so you can stay up to date on their latest news.

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