Checkout the new video from Raggy Monster for their captivating track, Crying Shame


Alternative indie rock band Raggy Monster from West Palm Beach have released a new video for their track, Crying Shame. The song is off their sophomore album, As the thorn lures the widow’s lip, it seeks no wisdom from the Wicker Flies, which was released in December 2014. The song brings out such emotion as you are captivated by  vocalist Rachel DuVall’s hypnotic vocals. “The song was inspired by singer/keyboardist Billy Schmidt’s uncle who had been nearly paralyzed from suffering multiple strokes and the emotional weight it held on Billy’s heart. Billy’s wife and bandmate,  Rachel DuVall put these emotions to lyrics, creating a tribute to the family.”  Billy Schmidt comments on the track,

“This video and song are very personal to me, being inspired by my uncle John. As a kid we visited him a couple times a year and I remember seeing the expression on his face and not being able to tell if he was full of joy or sadness. I think it was a combination of the two. He loved children, and we would talk to him for hours via his plastic sheet with the alphabet on it. He’d slowly spell out what he wanted to say to us, and we’d try to interpret his sentences. Every once in a while though he’d burst into tears and we’d never know why. I think his emotions were too much to handle. It truly was a crying shame, but I hope this video makes him happy wherever he is now.” 

Check out the video here:

What an amazing track as it opens your heart and touches your soul. Haunting yet inviting and so beautiful. Truly a musical gem. Raggy Monster are planning on a Southeast US Tour in 2016.  Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

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