Walk the Moon deliver an uplifting energetic set at SJSU on The Gospel Tour


We were excited to see Walk the Moon as the special guest on Panic! at the Disco The Gospel Tour concert at SJSU this past Thursday. I have been looking forward to catching them live and was so glad I did. This band which has been described as anything from indie to electro-visual, really can be summed up with the following; Music that inspires, invigorates, makes you want to move as you  love and live life in the most positive manner.

These young four musicians have successfully captured inspiration through their music and transfers it so beautifully to the listener. Their indie rock style appeals not only to a young generation but to anyone who enjoys great music with empowering lyrical content. It was great to see the crowd at the San Jose State University filled with excitement as they took to the stage. They captivated the audience and as the music played, you could see waves of movement through the crowd. You just can’t keep still when you are watching them. I was watching from the soundboard and even their sound and lighting techs were shimmying to the songs, enjoying every beat!

Nicholas Petricca on vocals, keys, and synthesizer is amazing to watch. He looks like he is 100% doing what he loves and you can see how he gives as much to the audience as the audience must be giving to him. He has a charismatic charm that just makes you smile and his vocals are captivating. Kevin Ray on bass is a wild man and full of energy as he would criss cross the stage with Eli Maiman on guitar. Eli who reminds me of a young Rick Nielsen with his animated style, infectious personality. Sean Waugaman on drums was fierce as he held a solid beat with precision and hit it hard on his electric infused drum kit. Together they were unstoppable.

Check out the photos by our Rockin Ryan of their set:

If you don’t already have it pick up their self titled album on iTunes here and get ready to move! Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news. They are finishing up The Gospel Tour tomorrow and we will see if we can bring you an interview soon and see what is next in store for them.

~ Marisol

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