Spotlight band: Fearless Vampire Killers are BACK!

What fans have hoped for, ever since the band split up five years ago, got confirmed yesterday – Fearless Vampire Killers are BACK!

A few weeks ago, a show was announced at the Black Heart in Camden Town, London. The band’s name was After The Flames. Soon after the announcements, there were first talks about this being a secret show of Fearless Vampire Killers. No one was sure, but there were certain signs. The show was sold-out pretty quick and hopes were high.

So…fast forward to yesterday night….and hopes were fulfilled – Fearless Vampire Killers are truly back!!!

By now the band’s Facebook page got updated and the band shared a video on their youtube page, where Kier Kemp (guitar and vocals) and Laurence Beveridge (guitar and vocals) talk about past, present, and future.

Fearless Vampire Killers always had a close connection to their fanbase. That seems to never have broken. Everyone, keep your eyes open for what’s about to come.

Meanwhile, check out some of their hits from a while back, like “Maeby”, “All Hallows Evil”, “Like Bruises” and “Neon At The Dance Floor”.

For more information on the band, follow their social media:

~ Alex


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  1. In a bland musicscape we need bands like FVK. Their gigs rank amongst the best I have been to. Such fantastic news to know they are back.

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