Our Mayhem Monday feature is Texas Hippie Coalition and get ready for their new album Ride On!


Here we are on another Monday but don’t worry, today is our Mayhem Monday Feature! Here is where we feature one of the bands that you can catch on this year’s Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival. Today we are featuring the Red Dirt Metal Sound of TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION. These guys not only give you a much needed dose of Southern fried classic rock mixed with heavy metal but they also know how to show you a good time at their concerts. I can’t wait to catch them later this year on the Mayhem Fest. We had a chance for a Q & A with bassist John Exall and vocalist Big Dad Ritch.

Check out our interview here:

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Music Junkie Press: Thank you very much for taking the time out to talk with us here at Music Junkie Press. We are excited to see that TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION  will be on the Monster Energy Mayhem Festival Tour. Tell us about when you first learned you were going to be heading out on the  Mayhem tour?

John Exall: Heard it from out label and was stoked to find out we were on the bill!

Music Junkie Press: We heard from our friends that you guys just blew everyone away at the Rock on The Range Festival. First off, how was the festival for you?

Big Dad Ritch: Killa killer. AEG & ROTR treated us like we were real RockStars… The ROTR crowd seem to come alive in front of the Ernieball stage. It was good to see our proud Coalition singing the words to the tunes. Looked like we won over the crowd & won over some new fans as well. As everyone had there HORNS HIGH!!!

Jon Exall: ROTR was awesome had a great time playing the show the fans were off the hook! 

Music Junkie Press: Secondly, You really have a great energy filled set. Do you have any preshow rituals to get yourself ready for those big shows?

Big Dad Ritch: PRAYER. Gotta get his blessing before I walk out there & kick everybody’s ass…

Jon Exall: Only thing we do before the set is pray, and then we go kick ass for the fans. 

Music Junkie Press: You have described your music as Red Dirt Metal, for those who may not be familiar with you (shame on them by the way!) how would you describe Red Dirt Metal for them?

Big Dad Ritch: It started with “Red Dirt” country, which originated in the Red River Valley – one side of the river or another., depending on whether you’re talkin to a Texan or an Okie. Just good truth-telling, life-livin music. Bunch of them Red Dirt country boys dubbed us Red Dirt Metal… A badge we wear with honor & merit…

Jon Exall: Red Dirt Metal is us bringing back Rock n Roll. Remember rock ain’t dead, it’s just in rehab! 

 Music Junkie Press: Your album Peacemaker had everyone take notice of Texas Hippie Coalition and it has had great success! Are you currently working on new music?

Big Dad Ritch: RideOn… thats the name of the new album Ride On. Been laying down tracks hard in Texas & Tennessee.

Finishing up now at the Sound Kitchen in Franklin just outside Nashville. This album is a new level for us. Spendin more time… & money… Time for THC to GO PRO!!!

Jon Exall: Yes we just finished up our 4th album slated to be out this summer, it’s called Ride On! 

Music Junkie Press: Do you prefer playing the large festivals, more intimate venues or somewhere in between?

Big Dad Ritch: The larger the crowd the bigger the energy. Go Big, hell go BIGDAD or go home…

Jon Exall: I love playing all types of shows big and small – it’s all about the fans!

Music Junkie Press: Which song off yours do you most look forward to performing live?

Big Dad Ritch: A new one called Splinter. … Gonna turn the rest of North America on to what it’s like to be caught up in a F11 Texas Twister… Also the song WHISKEY being we’re on the ColdCock Herbal Whiskey stage… Herbal, THC… Get it…

Jon Exall: I love playing all our songs. Hard to just choose one.

Music Junkie Press: If TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION could take a song from a completely different genre and turn it into your Red Dirt Metal style, what song might that be?

Big Dad Ritch: Waylon’s “OUTLAW BIT”.

It’s perfect fit & it has all that THC swagger and attitude already built in… “Don’t yawl think this OUTLAW shit has done got out of hand.” Well it damn sure gonna get out of hand come MAYHEM…

Quote me on that cause I told you to. …

Jon Exall: Hank 3 brothers of the 4×4 that song would kill!! Done Red Dirt style!

Music Junkie Press: For those who may be seeing TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION the first time this year at Rockstar Mayhem Festivals, what can you let  them know to expect at an TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION concert!

Big Dad Ritch: An ass whoopin… No need to sign a waiver. … The ass whoopin is guaranteed upon purchase of MAYHEM ticket… Now get your tickets & come get your ass whoopin. …

Jon Exall: High energy is what the fans can expect from us. We leave all on the stage – it’s a freakin rock show C’mon!! 

Music Junkie Press: Lastly, what would you like to share with our audience?

Big Dad Ritch: Lot of kick ass bands on this bill, & I mean no disrespect in saying if there’s one band on this bill you don’t wanna miss, it’s us. Just for the mere fact that you ain’t ever experienced anything like THC live…

Unless you were in a NASCAR car crash while getting your ass whooped by an MMA superstar at WWE’s WRESTLEMANIA…

Jon Exall: Can’t wait to get out there and kick ass for y’all, and thank you for all your support. THC is coming to dominate Mayhem this year, y’all get ready!! 

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So get ready for an energetic ass whoopin by these guys as they dominate this year’s Mayhem Fest. I know we will be there center stage to bring you coverage of their set. We will also try and bring you a video update with the band. To get you revved up, check out their video for Turn It Up here:

Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news. Also check out our article on  Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival. which has more details and tour dates. For more info, head over to www.rockstarmayhemfest.com. It is time to get ready for another great summer filled with awesome concerts! Stay tuned for our next Mayhem Monday and a new band feature.

~ Marisol

Information & Links: 

Texas Hippie Coalition

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