Don’t miss Pistol Day Parade out on tour with Ted Nugent for the Shut Up & Jam Tour


One of our favorite rock bands, Pistol Day Parade will be out on tour with Ted Nugent for his Shut Up & Jam Tour. These guys are definitely going to bring a bad ass rock set to this tour. Their CD “Burn” which was released via Goomba Records and produced by Tim Patalan (Sponge, Lovedrum) is one of my favorites and I love their song, Rockstar’s Girlfriend. Hailing from Detroit are these hard working rockers who bleed out the passion through their music. Check out the dates below:



We are excited for the Anaheim tour date since we will be heading out there to cover the show. We will see if we can bring you an interview with them as well.  At NAMM this year we ran into into their bassist, Jason Lollio. Pistol Day Parade and were able to snag him for a question or two. Check it out here:


Make sure to head over and pick up your copy today from Goomba Music Store, Itunes or your local music retailer. You are going to have this one on replay for a while!  When you take a listen you can’t help but be captivated by the vocals of Fuller. Rob Banks and Guido come at you with energetic guitar riffs and treat you to some great distorted rockin guitar licks.  Jason Lollio lays down some rockin bass and teenager Jason Hartless Jr. kills it on the drums. Together these guys deliver KICK ASS ROCK N ROLL! Give them a listen and you will know just what I mean. I will leave you with the video for my fave song, Rockstar’s Girlfriend.

~ Marisol


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