Moura’s new video for “You” will have you wanting more of their great music!

Photo Credits: Joey Becker
Photo Credits: Joey Becker

Sonoma County tends to have you thinking about the vineyards and spas at first thought. After you take a listen to the  young talented musical work of Evan Donaldson or as his solo project is called, Moura you will have something more than just grapes to appreciate from the North Bay. Evan has recently released his second EP The Leaving and is currently available on Tunes, Amazon MP3, Bandcamp, and Spotify if you prefer to stream exclusively. His other EP, Sink, is there as well.  His music reminds me of a young Matt Nathanson but yet Evan has his own refreshing style that will soon have you hooked.

Evan has recently released a wonderful video for the song, “You” from the EP and it was filmed by Colin Goheen of Mark of The Bear Media. You can check out the video here:


We had asked Evan about the history behind this beautiful song and he tells us, “Long story short: I wrote it about a girl who was leaving for college and I didn’t want her to leave without knowing how I felt about her. It’s by far the closest thing to a love song I’ve written.”  Evan produces such soul touching lyrics along with catchy melodies that just leave you wanting more.  Evan has always been musically inclined as he explains when he first starting playing guitar, ” I received my first guitar for my 13th birthday and I am have been playing ever since!”  When asked about the first song he learned, Evan replied, “Gosh, the first song I ever remembering covering was Green Day’s “Brain Stew” but I’m pretty sure that I moved on to another song after the verse. The song that I vividly recall learning in full was “No Cigar” by Millencolin for a school graduation performance.”

Now that is a great way to start his musical career. We wanted to know more about what Evan is working on and he explained to us, “Right now, I am bouncing around some ideas for new material, but I am also toying around with the idea of recording an acoustic EP. I mean it’s how I play 90% of the time so it wouldn’t be too farfetched… I’m in no rush though”  An acoustic EP would be great and I can’t wait to hear more from Moura.

Check out another great song ‘Runaway” from The Leaving EP.


So make sure to check out Moura on the social media sites and pick up the EPs. I am sure you will be hearing more from this great musician!

~ Marisol

Thank you for caring about what I do! I’ve had some amazing friends and family come together and I cannot thank them enough for that. And to all of you just discovering Moura, don’t be afraid to say “Hey!” – Evan Donaldson, Moura 


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