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NAMM always brings together a plethora of artists and musicians as the “Disneyland for musicians” takes over Southern California in January.  We were excited to catch up with the Bay Area indie rockers, Life Size Models during our NAMM coverage. These guys are soon to take over your playlist as you get hooked on their addictive music that brings to life emotional and honest songwriting.

We have always said how powerful music is and how  it can  heal, help, inspire and change. That is not only true for the listener but also for the musicians. Life Size Models is a great example of how the power of music has kept them going and they continue to follow their dreams.

Life Size Models is:

  • Vocals, Guitar: Chris Seymour
  • Lead Guitar: Nick Miller
  • Bass Guitar: Anthony Martos
  • Rhythm Guitar: Stephen Seymour
  • Drums: Chris Denn



Check out our interview here:

The band continues to garner high praise for their recent release, Bayshore Freeway, a song which was written during their first co-writing session with founding member, Vincent Gamboa. The song was released in January and they explain more about the song,

“Bayshore Freeway” was written during LSM’s very first co-writing session with founding member, Vincent Gamboa.

We met in highschool and we learned how to play guitar and write music together. I remember sitting down in his garage while he played me some chords. He had no melody but he had the lyrics “It’s a long drive up the Bayshore Freeway” scribbled on some paper. It was such an evocative sentence. I offered the second line of the song: “I don’t want to think about the ride home”. He repeated “It’s a long drive up the Bayshore Freeway” and once again I added “And it’s even longer when you’re all alone”. Suddenly we had a verse…and then we had a chorus! And then a bridge! And that’s how it happened…we had a new song, a crazy dream, and a freeway between the two.

Vincent took his life in 2017. He was our friend, an incredible musician, artist, & inspiration.

Along the way, Life Size Models has been fortunate enough to find incredible musicians to join the band. To work with. To write with. To continue the dream with. Spread out across the Bay Area, Stephen Seymour (guitar), Anthony Martos (bass), Chris Denn (drums), & Nick Miller (guitar) all travel up and down the Bayshore Freeway biweekly to rehearse, perform, and record together.

Today, we’re releasing what we feel is the best version of “Bayshore Freeway”. We like to think Vinny would’ve enjoyed it.

This track reminds me of collaboration and friendship. It reminds me of the power of a unit and how it feels to share creativity with others. It reminds me that even when we are feeling our absolute worst, if we can find peace in ambiguity, we can be reminded that we’re not alone even in our loneliest hours. After all, “it’s a long drive…but it’s even longer when you’re all alone.”

Special thanks to Svenja Moje for helping with the single design, Chloe Mighton for the gorgeous artwork, Maryam Qudus for engineering & producing, Jake Rye for mixing, & Mike Cerventes for mastering. Lastly, thank you for listening to our music.

It’s a long drive and this is just the start. We will be releasing a Bayshore Freeway music video, tour dates, & more music very soon. Join the journey on Instagram, Spotify, & Youtube.

In Loving Memory of Vincent Gamboa (1991 – 2017)

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, DO SO IMMEDIATELY! It is one hell of a catchy song that will have you hooked. You can head over and stream it on Spotify. We are excited for what is next for this hard working and determined band. The are truly a breath of fresh air for today’s music scene.  They have announced some upcoming dates in Northern California.


Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

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