PALAYE ROYALE is truly one of the best Indie Rock Bands you have to hear!

Palaye Royale

I have to introduce you to one of the best Indie Rock bands out today that you have to hear! They are PALAYE ROYALE and they are a fashion-art rock band that has one of the best sounds out there today.  From the first time I heard them, it literally took me to a different place and time. You know that scene in Ratatouille where the food critic takes a bite of the chef’s dish; ratatouille and it immediately takes him back to a comforting  moment in his childhood? If you haven’t seen it, watch it. So what if it is dubbed a kid’s movie; it is still bad ass.  Well that scene reminds me of the first time I listened to PALAYE ROYALE that is exactly what happened…. I was listening to Get Higher and almost immediately, I was back in my friend’s apartment listening to a cassette mix tape she made from her trip overseas the summer before. It must have been late ’80s and she played for me what soon became one of my favorite bands; The Quireboys aka The London Quireboys. I fell in love with the vocals, energy and everything. So when I listened to Get Higher, it brought me back to that special time and my love for their music began.  You can check out the video for PALAYE ROYALE’s song,  Get Higher here and fall in love too!


Isn’t that an awesome song? I love  PALAYE ROYALE! The vocals are sexy, the music is energetic, it is like rock mixed with psychelic blues and a side of punk.  They have been described as ” They are “indie” in every sense of the word; completely “hands-on” from their words & musical arrangements as well as directing & producing their own music videos, to handling their own social media. The band’s look, feel and authentic style makes them stand out while they remain true to their music.”  They are doing an amazing job and they are doing it all on their own. Who is PALAYE ROYALE? Fronted by Remington Leith, Sebastian Danzig guitarist and organist, Emerson Barrett on drums and in late 2012 guitarist Joel Eliasson was added to the line up.

They have released a six song EP, “The Ends Beginning” which was released in early July of this year. It is spectacular and I am hooked on it. Every song on there is like musical magic, it takes a hold of you, touches your soul and brings you to life.  You can pick it up on Itunes here.

They have a wide fan base from Europe and the US and continue to make their mark in the music world. They have a couple shows coming up in Hollywood, CA which includes a night at The Viper Room with The Moby Dicks on November 23rd and December 21st at the Roxy opening up for Camp Freddy.

You will be hearing a lot from PALAYE ROYALE, so, visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news. We will see if we can bring you an interview with this amazing band. Also make sure to subscribe to their Youtube channel  where you can watch their Ballroom Sessions and get an inside peak at what they are up to.

~ Marisol

Palaye Royale

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