Tantric set to release Blue Room Archives on September 30th



Tantric is set to release a compilation of new, unreleased, and acoustic material under the title of “Blue Room Archives” on September 30through Pavement Entertainment. This new release will follow up 2013’s highly successful 5th studio album “37 Channels” which featured many guests such as Shooter Jennings and members of Hinder, 3 Doors Down, Saving Abel and even Leif Garrett. Blue Room Archives includes acoustic versions of the classic Tantric hits “Breakdown” and “Mourning”, as well as, the brand new single “Cynical”. Take a listen to the new song, Cynical here:


I love this new song! It really captivates a unique side of Tantric and I am excited for the new release! The title for the album comes from Tantric’s home studio “The Blue Room” where much production work and song writing have taken place over the band’s extensive career. Lead vocalist and frontman Hugo Ferreira comments: ” This isn’t so much a premeditated album, but a collection of music I have done that I always loved extremely but never found a place for.  It’s songs in their purest form, no flashy production or elaborate theme. Imagine it as a mix tape of songs I wrote or co-wrote that stand alone uniquely. A inside view of the other side of a tantric state of mind.”

Here is the track listing:

  1. Cynical
2.Breakdown (Acoustic)
3.Abuse Me
4.Don’t Let It Win
5.Fall To The Ground (Remix)
6.Mind Control (Remix)
7.Mourning (Acoustic)
8.Nothing At All
9.Mourning After
11.Flip A Coin

I will see if we can bring you another interview with Hugo. In case you missed our previous interview, check it out here:


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