Raspin Stuwart delivers soulful passion with his new CD, NY2LA

Music for us, has always been the thing that keeps us going. Whether we are having a bad day and need a song to lift us up, or whether we are having a good day and turn to the music to celebrate.  In good times, bad times, all times, music is always present.  What is even more magical, is when you can listen to new music for the first time and you can truly feel the emotion and passion that comes with each song.  It brings you closer and draws you in for a musical journey through the music.  That is exactly what happened the first time I played the new CD NY2LA by Raspin Stuwart.

Raspin is an amazing musician/singer/songwriter that brings to life soulful blues in his new CD. The album starts right off with one of our favorite tracks, Down Low. It feeds your soul with low down good blues. His title track NY2LA is an infectious jazz track. Throughout the album, you are greeted with horns that create the perfect full bodied songs rich in depths and tones.  Nothing But Lies paints such a stirring picture that you actually feel the vulnerability come to life.

The album continues on with soulful song after song, creating a deeper connection between yourself and the music. The deep personal track, You is simply a magnificent ballad that bleeds raw honesty of love and marvel.  It brings tears of love to my eyes every time I hear it. Splendidly emotional and moving.

Another favorite track is the King of Foolz, so relevant for today and yet, timeless in its lesson of life. Passionate in every way and Raspin’s lyrics speak to your heart.  Bravo Raspin! Treasure of the album.

King of Foolz

Life’s just a banquet
why not taste it
So many chances
could be wasted
Life’s just a tango
why not dance it..


The album wraps up with the infectious reggae version of Smoke The Hookah. You will want to set it on replay and enjoy the journey all over again.

You can pick up the new CD by heading over to his website https://www.raspinstuwart.com/. If you are in the area, you can pick up the CD and watch Raspin perform this Saturday, April 13th at the West Valley Music Center.  Check out details below:

Make sure to visit his social media sites and stay up to date on his latest news.

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