Architects – FTTWTE tour finally hits Germany

Originally, the “For Those That Wish To Exist” was supposed to hit German stages last year. Unfortunately, the band had to postpone the tour. Almost a year later and also one album later, the band finally made it.

I was able to catch the band live in Munich and believe me, they made the wait worthwhile.

But first off let’s talk about the bands that opened the night.

Show start was supposed to be 7 pm. At 6.50 pm the first opener got on stage a little bit ahead of the schedule. Maybe not the best idea, because the first bands of the night always have to fight with the venue not being very crowded, let alone when the show starts earlier than announced. I don’t really get, why people don’t take the chance to check out opening acts, esp. this one – Sleep Token. The band is from London. Their set is probably best described as dark and gloomy, which totally fits the sound. They were not unknown to parts of the audience and in no time they were able to get the crowd going. I’ve never seen them live before, but I’ll surely try and catch them live again on another tour.

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Second band to play was Northlane. They’re no strangers in Munich because they play regularly around here. Not always at such big venues, but they have a solid fan base. They played songs from their two latest records “Obsidian” and “Alien”. Northlane delivered quite an energetic set. The band as well as the audience obviously had a good time.

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By the time Architects came on stage, the venue was packed. Every time they’re coming back with a bigger stage production. This time with a big screen on the back of the stage (which they have had on earlier tours too) and some smaller platforms on the big stage. The drums were set on the right side of those stages. Both guitarists (Adam Christianson and Josh Middleton) were standing on the edge of the big stage itself. At the center of the stage was a small “catwalk”, which gave vocalist Sam Carter the chance to walk, at least a little bit, into the audience.

Architects played an incredible two hours set, which is definitely rare in Metalcore. The show started out with “Do You Dream Of Armageddon” played from tape, but its intro character totally built up the excitement and was perfect for the entrance of the band. Finally, they kicked off the set with “Black Lungs” from their #1 album “For Those That Wish To Exist”, followed by “Modern Misery” from “Holy Hell” and “be very afraid” from “the classic symptoms of a broken spirit”. The majority of the songs they played were from those records.

One of the highlights surely was the acoustic performance of “Memento Mori” and “A Wasted Hymn”, which so far they only ever played that version during their online show at the Royal Albert Hall in 2020, which was one of the best online performances during the pandemic.

This was followed by an epic version of “burn down my house” from their latest record.

Architects closed the main set with “Doomsday” and after a short break they closed the night with three incredible encores – “Nihilist”, “when we were young” and “Animals”, which really lit up the place once more.

They could’ve probably gone on playing forever, but every show has to end (unfortunately). I can only hope, that they will come back soon and advise you to catch this incredible band live. You’ll enjoy every second, guaranteed!

~ Alex


Architects – Zenith, Munich – January 9th 2023


Do You Dream Of Armaggedon?

  1. Black Lungs
  2. Modern Misery
  3. be very afraid
  4. The Colours Don’t Run
  5. deep fake
  6. tear gas
  7. Giving Blood
  8. Impermanence
  9. Meteor
  10. Discourse Is Dead
  11. Broken Cross
  12. Little Wonder
  13. a new moral low ground
  14. Dead Butterflies
  15. Royal Beggars
  16. A Match Made In Heaven
  17. Memonto Mori
  18. A Wasted Hymn
  19. burn down the house
  20. Hereafter
  21. Doomsday


  1. Nihilist
  2. when we were young
  3. Animals

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