Bakar’s Dynamic set captivates San Francisco Audience

One of our favorite artists, Bakar, was the second opener for Cage the Elephant, following Willow Avalon,  with her country roots. Cage The Elephant’s choice to bring a variety of openers showcased their commitment to offering a diverse musical experience for their fans.

Bakar’s performance was a testament to his versatility and charisma. Bakar commanded the crowd with his stage presence, a feat that’s especially impressive when performing solo on a large stage. Known for his experimental indie rock that bridges genre gaps by incorporating rap, rock, and punk elements, the English singer delivered a dynamic and engaging set.

Partway through his performance Bakar had to pause to ensure that security attended to someone in need within the immense, packed crowd. The audience patiently waited, understanding the importance of concert-goers safety, even though it meant missing out on one song from his set.

Once the situation was under control, Bakar swiftly brought the crowd’s energy back up, closing out the set with his No. 1 hit, “Hell N Back”. The crowd went wild singing along and fully immersed into his music. This final song re-energized the audience and showcased his ability to connect with fans, through his music, making it a highlight of the night.

Check out photos of his set  by our Rockin Ryan:

Watch a video of Bakar performing NW3 from last night’s set:

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