Cannons performance at Fox Theater in Oakland is a highlight of 2023

As we come to the last quarter of 2023, we have had some memorable shows that we covered.  One that is a strong contender for show of the year is the Cannons show at Fox Theater in Oakland on September 30th.

Cannons have been one of the bands who dominated our summer fun playlist and we were excited to catch them live. They were everything we dreamed of and even more. They brought their Heartbeat Highway Tour to the legendary venue and kicked the night off with Jane Leo and Two Another.


The venue was packed to capacity as Cannons took the stage. They arrived to loud cheers and applauds, some fans waiting all day to get up front. The set was magical and with the backdrop of the dreamy Fox Theater, it created a timeless performance.  The energy of the band was at its peak and the audience reciprocated with their devotion and appreciation for such a grand performance.

Check out photos of the set from our Rockin Ryan:


Cannons are off bringing their tour to overseas and we can’t wait for them to return! Have you had a chance to check out their latest video for Bad Tatttoo? Check it out here:

Make sure to check out their music and visit their social media sites for all the latest news.

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