Chat with Kelsy Karter as she embarks on her headlining tour, Pink, Kink & Punk!

Last night was our return to the music scene as Covid brought everything to a halt back in March 2020. Something I will always remember is the last show I saw before Covid hit (Dirty Honey at Slim’s) and my first concert back. Kelsy Karter made a stop in San Francisco for her headlining tour, Pink, Kink and Punk! It was an absolute stellar night that has set the bar extremely high for shows to follow. Stay tuned as we will be bringing you a full concert review and photo gallery later this week.

For now check out our interview with Kelsy:

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Thank you very much Kelsy for taking the time out to talk with us here at Music Junkie Press. We have been loving your latest single Rest In Pieces. The video truly captures the energetic fun nostalgic vibe of pop punk that we definitely needed. 

 We understand that this is the last single until your upcoming sophomore album which will feature a reinvented Kelsy Karter.  We can’t wait for what you have in store for us and can you share about how you decided to recreate yourself and sound?


Without giving too much away, I wanted to go bigger, louder, sexier…even more electric. Missing Person was written in a dark time for me, and this next album has been written by a much wiser and stronger version of myself. 


You truly have always shined with passion and determination and exude a fearless energy. You have inspired many to take chances and be themselves,  to shine and become their own person. For others who struggle with their internal dialog of having to fit in or follow the crowd, what words of advice can you give them?

Thank you for saying that! I feel very lucky to be someone who kind of gets off on being a little different. I’ve also learned how wonderful it can be to be alone with yourself, learning, growing and embracing everything that makes you a fucking weirdo. In times when I’ve “followed the crowd” or strayed from myself, I noticed how unhappy I became. When I realized all those little quirks that were unique to me, that I thought were flaws, were actually my biggest strengths.  I encourage fans to find a way to fall in love with yourself, and own it. Everything else will follow.

You are embarking on your headlining tour that will take you across the US and UK, what can your fans expect at your upcoming shows? Please tell everyone about the Best Dressed Fan Award at each show?

Referring back to your last question – part of me “finding myself” was through freedom of expression. I dressed like a boy when I was a kid. I got called names for it and was definitely questioned for my style. But the fact is, it was me. And it made me feel confident and comfortable in who I was. I wanted to do the Best Dressed Fan Award to help give people that little push they need to wear whatever they want. I love fashion and I love my fans so I wanted to find a way to share that together as well.


What have you missed the most about performing live?

I just love being on the road. I come from a long line of nomads so it’s in my blood. When I did theatre as a kid, there was this particular kind of bond that the cast would get with each other. It’s different to co-workers or your regular friends… It’s like you’ve found this secret little club together.. I feel that same thing when I’m on tour. I just love getting to experience fans in person and “working” with my best friends. It’s special.

Through Covid there has been so many hard times for all of us and especially the entertainment/music industry, but we have always tried to focus on the positive. It has also been a time for personal growth for us. Can you share with us what is something positive that came from these times for you?

I will never take a hug for granted ever again. I was separated from my family and my boyfriend because of covid and it was very eye opening. I just don’t have time for people that aren’t worth it anymore. Because it takes time away from the ones that are. I also put on a lot of weight and it actually helped me gain a better relationship with my body. 


In regards to your upcoming album, do you have a timeframe for release or can you share anymore about it?

My lips are sealed.


For so many of us, we never listen to the advice that is given to us. But if you could go back to your 14 year old self, what advice might you give to yourself?

“Slow down, you crazy child. You’re so ambitious for a juvenile”


For us, music can be very healing, through good and bad times. Can you share with us a time where a song or artist helped you?

“Try Me” by James Brown.


If we peaked into your music library,  what songs might be for the following:

Get energized? Little Mix

Nostalgic song from your youth? The Beatles

Deal with anger or rage? Sex Pistols

Romantic or love song? Shallow from A Star Is Born

Cruising in a classic car? Anything by Kelsy Karter

Unwind the day? Liam Gallagher or Oasis

Wild card song, something we would be surprised to find on your playlist? Moulin Rouge soundtrack


Lastly is there anything else you would like to share with our audience and your fans?

If you see my tour bus in your city, come say hi 😉


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We highly recommend checking the upcoming tour dates and if Kelsy is even remotely near you, YOU MUST GO! You will be blown away by Kelsy and her band’s performance. It just might be the last chance of catching them in a club venue setting, definitely on the way up and there are no limits for them.



Stay tuned for our recap and review of their San Francisco show. Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

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