Lord Of The Lost – ‚Thornstar Tour’ makes a stop in Munich on October 19th at the Backstage Halle

Lord Of The Lost are regular guests in our beautiful Bavarian capital, where their singer Chris Harms spent some of his youth. For a while now, the band has two different tour packages – a quiet orchestra-like version with additional strings and a louder one. On August 3rd the band released their latest record ‘Thornstar’, which brought them out on a ‘louder’ tour this time.

Special guest and support act was Scarlet Dorn. They just released their first album called ‘Lack Of Light’, which has been produced by Chris Harms and Benjamin Lawrenz. Scarlet Dorn had their first stage appearances on the 2017 tour of Lord Of The Lost. Due to fans’ demands, they took them out on the road again on this run. Other ties to Lord Of The Lost are their keyboarder Gared Dirge, who plays for both bands and members of Scarlet Dorn are also part of LOTL’s road crew. It’s one big family. Scarlet Dorn, the singer and namesake of the band, got discovered by Chris Harms and Benjamin Lawrenz from Chameleon Studios in Hamburg. She participated in a band contest and her performance left some impression, so the two decided to promote her talent. The music of the band is dark, melancholic and smooth, so it was a slow start into the night, but nevertheless a charming one.

Lord Of The Lost played a powerful set, with almost no breaks between the songs. It was over 90 minutes of dark, heavy rock music and even though the singer Chris Harms had a torn sinew on his right hand, he managed to play his guitar. He usually doesn’t use it on every song, but since the injury was only a few days old, it sure didn’t make the playing easier. But hey, that’s Rock ‘n Roll. No-one in the rock business seems to give too much attention to injuries. With such a long set comes a pretty long list of songs the band performed that night. From their latest releases ‘Black Halo’ and ‘Morgana’ to classics like ‘La Bomba’ and ‘Dry The Rain’. Lord Of The Lost has a pretty strong fan base. There were fans at the show from near and far. They knew every lyric word by word and joined the band loudly at every song. About half way through the set Chris Harms and Pi, the bands’ guitarist, played an acoustic version of ‘Cut me out’ from their current album. Goosebumps all over….                             The band decided on skipping the part, where they leave the stage to get hauled back by the crowd cheers, luckily something more and more bands do.

Traditionally after the show, the whole band came out to sign stuff and take pictures with everybody. Great gesture towards the fans and something not everyone does these days, esp. not for free.

Lord Of The Lost celebrate their 10 year anniversary as a band by the end of next year with two special shows – one with the ensemble and one rock shows. Tickets are already selling fast. About 80% of the tickets for both shows are already sold. So if you want to be part of a special celebration night in their hometown Hamburg, better be quick.

The German part of their tour is almost done, they played in packed venues, some shows, including the one in Munich, have been sold out. The band will head out to the UK, China and Europe for further dates and they are already planning a new tour for 2019. Lots of chances to see this amazing band live.


For further information on both bands, visit their social media

Lord Of The Lost

Scarlet Dorn



~  Contributed by Alex Bock, https://twitter.com/abphotomjp


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