Miggs’ 15th & Hope brings you to life!

Guess what arrived yesterday?? Something I have been waiting for and it was definitely worth the wait! It was Miggs‘ new full length album, 15th & Hope.  I know I told you a little bit ago about how you have to take a listen to them well now I AM SHOUTING IT TO YOU! In case you didn’t get to pre-order the CD, get your butt online and download it from Itunes or order it from Amazon or maybe be like me and get a download and a CD!

I immediately starting playing it and I have been in love with it ever since. They have such a successful  blend of alternative and melodic pop rock that brings you some great upbeat and fun music. This album reminds me when I first fell in love with Train or Matt Nathanson. It gives you that feel good music that you can listen to anytime of day. Make sure to take a listen and add MIGGS to your playlist.   15th & Hope was produced by 15 time Grammy Award Winner;  Phil Ramone so it will be no surprise when this album starts climbing the charts.

This Friday September 14th will be their CD Release Show at the Orpheum in Tampa, FL and then they will head out around the US in support of their new album. For me, I have to wait until October 19th for their show at one of my favorite San Francisco venues; Cafe du Nord.  But you should head over to their website to see which show you can make it out to.

My personal favorites of this album are Pretty  that has some great guitar work and gives me that push to get back in the game even if I feel lost. Full of Doubt is a great self reflective song that has such great emotion. Hole is such a darker song that I just get pulled into. I love it’s uniqueness. Of course my super favorite is Stars which as I mentioned before a catchy upbeat song that I start off every day with! It is like a dose of adrenaline every morning.   If you didn’t get a chance before, take a look at their recently released lyric video for their first single from 15th & Hope, Stars.


The newly released video is here on Vevo. So you have to sit through the ad but it is worth it!  Click this link for the Official Video for Stars:  http://vevo.ly/Nhg9Nc

So let me know which is your favorite song and also where you are planning on seeing Miggs at on their upcoming tour!

Enjoy, Marisol



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