New Politics – Energizer Bunny meets Nirvana

New Politics is an energetic trio which hails from Copenhagen, Denmark. I first got to see New Politics when they opened up for The Spill Canvas a little over a year ago; April 29, 2010. I was their to do a review on AM TAXI which was another one of the opening bands and was situated up in the balcony at Slim’s awaiting the other bands. The second New Politics came out, I left the balcony to get a closer listen and look of this awesome band.

Fast forward to May 8, 2011. I am taking my 13 year old Rocker son Ryan and his friends to The Fillmore in San Francisco to see them. Over the past year, I was able to check them out a couple more times and they never disappoint. I couldn’t wait to see them perform at The Fillmore. The Fillmore is my place of choice for reviewing performers. I feel the history of The Fillmore incarnates the presence of all previous performers and invokes their energy and persona to anyone that plays there and makes everyone a historical performance. Especially if they are going to be one of my long awaited returns to SF like New Politics. How can I sum them up. It is like watching the offspring of the Energizer Bunny and the Nirvana gene pool come together and KICK ASS to take the stage.
David Boyd is the lead singer and along with his gymnastic Break Dancing moves you are left speechless but secretly wanting more! You can’t get enough and then you wish you had heard of them sooner so that you could have been to their previous shows.

Next you hear Søren Hansen on Guitar and Vocals and when you are watching him, you can’t keep your eyes off of his energy as he has you absorbed in how he ravages his Fenders! It is definitely a love affair with the Fender guitars and a great one to witness. When his vocals come in it is clean and crisp and full of emotion.

Their new drummer, Lou Vecchio provides an energy that is reminiscent of early Dave Grohl. Lou provides the power and the completeness to each song along with his smiling energy. He does not disappoint.

This band truly reminds me of my long time fave trio, Nirvana. These guys exude as much energy and enthusiasm in to each performance that they command the audience to follow. I walked the floor after New Politics and one after another; they all were telling me how this band is their “new favorite band”. They all wanted more, many of them were their only to see the headliner and were pleasantly surprised with falling in love with a great new band. I had one girl, Amanda say that she was only their to see Dirty Heads and she was mad about the opening bands, she commented how she doesn’t know how Dirty Heads could top that! She was hooked!! I loved watching her being cast under the New Politics spell as I sent her out to tell others.

So if you don’t know them, get their CD or download their music and tell others! You are now under our spell, so spread the news.

Check them out here:

~ Marisol


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