Noise Pop brings Cherry Glazerr and Wombo to San Francisco

February 29th was a special day. No, not that it is leap year! It was the night that Cherry Glazerr returned to San Francisco.  Noise Pop brought us a great show Thursday  night at August Hall.  The sold out show kicked off with an impressive set from Wombo and got the crowd riled up. Check out photos from their set by our Rockin Ryan:

The crowd kept up on coming in and packed the house as Cherry Glazerr hit the stage. The intensity was infectious as the band gave 150% to their fans.  There was a mighty mosh pit in the front that couldn’t help themselves as the music was just so damn inviting! The great thing about the Noise Pop festivals is that they bring a wide audience ranging in age from teens to seasoned fans.  One thing was certain everyone in August Hall was having the time of their life. Check out photos from their set by our Rockin Ryan:

You can catch Cherry Glazerr out on tour. They have also just announced a string of European shows.


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