Rockers Quarters of Change pack the Independent for their Portraits Tour


The Independent was packed last night as alt rockers Quarters of Change brought their Portraits tour to San Francisco. This was one tour we have been anxiously awaiting arrival of.  The fans arrived early as the line wrapped around the block ahead of entry. The all ages show filled the venue from front to back.

The night kicked off with an energetic set by Bay Area alt/indie band High Sunn. They got the crowd warmed up and dancing in no time.

When Quarters of Change arrived on the stage, they were like a shot of adrenaline electrifying the crowd with their high energy performance. All eyes were on the band as they captivated the crowd with their talent and stage presence. They blew us away by playing Tightrope second song in, and it sounded every bit as good as the studio recording, and with extra dose of energy of the live performance took it to the top. It quickly became the highlight of the night for us.

Check out photos of their set by our Rockin Ryan:


The band is definitely on the rise and if you get a chance to see them on tour, DON’T MISS THEM!  Their live shows are absolutely spectacular. Their alt indie rock music sound and style is like a lovechild of The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys and I welcome every bit of it to this world! Time for you to get out and see your new favorite band, Quarters of Change.

Make sure to pick up their latest release Portraits HERE and visit their social media sites to stay up to date on the latest news.

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