Ron Gallo is a must see out on his Foreground Music Live Tour

Mondays can always be hard to get through, but not when you know you are catching Ron Gallo’s show at night. We couldn’t wait for the day to end so we could find ourselves at one of our favorite venues, The Brick and Mortar in San Francisco. The night was even better when we found out that Life Size Models were opening the show. We were excited to check out their new music and they kicked the night off with a high energy set.

It was a fantastic night and Ron Gallo put on a performance that highlighted his edgy blend of alt-punk rock vibes. He is like a punk rock Bob Dylan and I am here for it ALL! His music is so damn catchy and you can’t hold yourself still. You need to MOVE and feel the energy that he brings to life. His lyrics are amazing as he delivers  the raw truth commentary on some of today’s topics. We need more Ron Gallo and everyone needs Ron Gallo in their lives!

Check out photos from our Rockin Ryan:

I hope you make sure to check out both bands and catch them at their next shows. You won’t be disappointed and you just may find your new favorite band.

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