Silverstein celebrate their 20 year anniversary live in Munich at the Backstage

The year 2000 didn’t only bring a new millennium, it was also the year the Canadian band Silverstein started their career. Fast forward to 2020, they celebrate their 20 year anniversary. No better way to do that, than tour and celebrate with the people that kept the band alive for two decades – the fans. Three out of the five dates have sold out pretty quick, the other two, Munich upon them, were pretty close to selling out. Judging by how packed the venue was, there couldn’t have been many tickets left for though.


For their European tour, they brought along Hawthorne Heights from Dayton, OH. They’re also around for 15 years by now and played in Germany several times. Naturally, they also drew their share of fans to the show. 


Hawthorne Heights released their latest album ‘Lost Frequencies’ last November. Most songs the band played that night have actually been from their 2005 record ‘The Silence In Black And White’, like ‘Life On Stand-By’, ‘Niki FM’, ‘Ohio Is For Lovers’, ‘Silver Bullets’ and ‘The Transition’. They just recently have been on an anniversary tour in the US, where they played that record in full, so that’s probably the reason, why most of the songs that night also came from that one. Whatever the reasons for not playing more new songs, the fans that night were perfectly okay with the band’s song choices and they sang along to every song. 

With the announcement of the anniversary tour, Silverstein also shared, that fans can expect a very special set, which consists of three parts – one part will cover new songs and best-of’s, then there’ll be an acoustic, stripped-down part and finally, they’d play ‘Discovering The Waterfront’, which was released in 2005, in full. This all added up to a pretty long set-list with almost 30 songs. A long set-list also makes a long show, so what started at 7.30 pm with Hawthorne Heights and a short ‘reset the stage’ break, ended at around 11 pm. 


Many of the fans that night have probably been with the band almost from the beginning. If you can keep a steady fan-base over a period of 20 years, you must’ve done something right. Every song was a sing-along for the crowd, eventually the ones with less screaming parts more than others though. Songs like ‘Retrograde’ and ‘The Afterglow’, but also the new tracks like ‘Burn It Down’ and ‘Infinite’ from their upcoming new record ‘A Beautiful Place To Drown’, are perfect sing-alongs. The acoustic part included ‘Aquamarin’, ‘Toronto’, ‘Red Light Pledge’, ‘Massachusettes’, ‘Still Dreaming’ and ‘Replace You’. Some acoustic songs were performed by vocalist Shane Told alone, some with the whole band. 


On this special tour, a 6th member was added to the band, Mike Tompa. The sound engineer and producer is also working as a session musician and was an awesome addition to the band on stage. He’s a very versed musician and filled in playing piano/synth, violin, cello and 3rd guitar. It’s getting really rare that bands bring along additional musicians, even if they have other instruments added to their songs, mostly those parts are sampled on stage. So it was great seeing Silverstein chose differently.


The play-through of ‘Discovering The Waterfront’ was the third part of the show, which was also celebrated by the fans. With the encore, ‘Bleeds No More’, they closed the night.

Silverstein will soon head out on their anniversary tour through Canada and the US, starting February 28 in London, ON. They’ll bring out Four Year Strong and I The Mighty. Make sure to not miss this!

Silverstein’s new record ‘A Beautiful Place To Drown’ will be released March 6th through UNFD. Mark your calendars and get yourself a physical copy!

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