Smile Empty Soul and their new release 3’s

Today was the big day that I have been waiting for. The release date for Smile Empty Soul’s 3’s! I got to see Smile Empty Soul earlier this month at the Boardwalk in a small town outside of Sacramento for their Jagermesiter tour. That night was a long one with a six band lineup and we of course counted the minutes and waited for Smile Empty Soul to take the stage. They came out and right off had their die hard fans singing to “Don’t Ever Leave”.

Then they played the single of their new album aptly titled 3’s, “Afterlife”. “Afterlife” has been receiving great airplay on XM Sirius Octane Channel and I am hoping with our help it will make it to the Big Uns Countdown soon. Well that night they had a pre-order available for their new album 3’s and I was of course rasing up front to buy it. So I waited and waited and then it came; that great little note in my INBOX letting me know that my Pre-Order of Smile Empty Soul is ready to download. I have been listening to it all day and love every song on it. Again, they delivered a great album with song after song being a hit. They are giving us what we need these days in the music world….. Passion and intensity with in your face vocals, heavy bass lines and rock the house drumming. These guys mean business and I can’t wait to spread the Smile Empty Soul love around. There are so many awesome songs on this album, I can’t pick my favorite. I love them all and you will to as they take you on a intense musical journey.

So let me know which is your favorite and why? Also, here are some photos from the Smile Empty Soul show in Orangevale and when I get the rest of the videos, I will post as well. Click here for the Smile Empty Soul Website!

~ Marisol



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