TOKIO HOTEL bring stellar arena performance to clubs for a must see experience!


If you could only imagine the production that goes into an arena or stadium performance; the lights, stage, set design, wardrobe changes. It is an amazing amount of work and one thing you seem to miss from an arena show is the close energy and party vibes that you get from a more intimate setting or club venue. Well, Tokio Hotel have managed to bring the best of both worlds together out on their Feel It All World Tour. They have just kicked off Part 2 The Club Experience North America Tour with a stellar performance at the legendary Fillmore in San Francisco.

We had the opportunity to chat with the band before their first show and are pleased to bring you that interview here:

It has been 7 long years since they have played in SF and their return was welcomed by long time fans and tons of new ones. MXMS delivered a great set of their self described “funeral pop”. For a band of three, they delivered a powerful set that captivated the crowd.

The crowd went wild with anticipation as they awaited the arrival of Tokio Hotel. As a sheer curtain came down, an impressive light show began. The energy intensified and the bass rang through giving The Fillmore it’s own thunderous heartbeat. The atmosphere was set, and you were certain a full on raging party was about to ensue, as the fans danced around in bliss. The band took the stage, and started the show off with exuberant energy hidden behind the screen that allured the audience. The screen dropped and the party had begun.



These four men are not only superb musicians, but have a magnetic and charismatic stage presence that is truly unrivaled. Bill encompasses all the qualities a strong frontman should have. His vocals are powerful and captivating, his stage mastery mesmerizes the crowd and he shines as the King. Tom is absolutely fierce on his guitar, as he not only delivers some mean riffs, but makes sure everyone is having a good time. Gustav is a madman on his drums, delivering beats with precision and a beaming smile. Georg rocks the stage with his bass and his striking work on the keys.

I am not one to tell you about which songs were played or a set list, since I really urge each one of you to go out and enjoy this tour first hand. You will be intoxicated with feel good vibes that will last long after the show! Tokio Hotel have definitely delivered the Must See Tour of 2015! Check out some photos of their set:

Check the dates below and pick up your tickets:

DATE                          CITY                                       VENUE

with support from MXMS:

  • *Tue    7/28                 West Hollywood, CA               House of Blues Sunset Strip
  • *Thu    7/30                 Anaheim, CA                           House of Blues Anaheim
  • *Fri      7/31                 San Diego, CA                        House of Blues San Diego
  • *Sun    8/1                   Las Vegas, NV                        House of Blues Las Vegas
  • Mon     8/3                   Denver, CO                             Summit Music Hall
  • Wed     8/5                   Chicago, IL                             House of Blues Chicago
  • Thu      8/6                   Detroit, MI                               Saint Andrews Hall
  • Sat       8/8                   Cincinnati, OH                        Bogart’s
  • Sun      8/9                   Cleveland, OH                        House of Blues Cleveland
  • Tue      8/11                 Boston, MA                             Paradise Rock Club
  • *Wed   8/12                 New York, NY                         Irving Plaza
  • Sat       8/15                 Baltimore, MD                         Baltimore Soundstage
  • Sun      8/16                 Philadelphia, PA                     Theatre of Living Arts

*Pionear and INGLSH also supporting

Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on all the Tokio Hotel News. We hope that that they will be returning to SF very soon as we are already experiencing withdrawals. I think it is time for me to crank up their Feel It All EP!

~ Marisol



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