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Signature Solos

Have you ever wanted to perfect your favorite solo and just couldn’t quite get it right? Or how about wanting to add those certain solos to repertoire? Yes, you can research tabs or watch videos over and over but how about a quick and easier way???  Signature Solos is the answer for you. They are utilizing today’s technology with application software and have developed a state of the art learning tool that has the visuals you need to hit that right note.

Signature Solos have created a guitar app for the Ipad or Iphone that will have you perfecting those famous solos. We had a chance to talk with one of the guitarist, Tommy Girvin (Eddie Money guitarist and founder of Mr. Tommy’s Mobile Music Bus Program) and here is an excerpt of that interview where he explains more about the Signature Solos app:

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Music Junkie Press: So now that we got to know a little more about you, tell us about this iOS Guitar app that you have been working on Signature Solos. Is this an app to learn guitar or more of an app to perfect your guitar?

Tommy Girvin: Signature Solos is an app for intermediate to advanced guitar players who are ready to move to the next level. I have given guitar lessons and instruction for many years and many of my students have gone on to actually make a living playing guitar. I have developed a teaching formula that works. Simplicity.

I was approached by a student from years ago about an idea for mobile devices. He and his brother are brilliant thinkers and have been making a living for a while developing new technology and applying it to their IOS apps that they produce. We wanted to make a super high quality app that is the real deal instead of all of the bad, miss information that is floating around the internet. We gave it the name “Signature Solos”. Within this $.4.99 app is everything you need to become a more proficient guitar player. We start at the intermediate level and move up.  There will, however be a more introductory version at some point.  I do most of the “Blast Classes” that contain the nuts and bolts of lead guitar; Scales, patterns and triads and how they work. Then there is the “Lab Series” where we play famous solos on high def  and with our new technology you can break it up, zoom in, slow it down (without pitch change) and “see” and hear how it is played on either left or right hand.

We also have the “Artist” and “Spotlight” series where we have guest players come and play their favorite solos from their CDs, and explain how they relate to the blast classes. All the while you can slow this stuff up and clearly see what is going on. Very exciting.

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This app definitely is a great tool for guitarists of any level. You can watch a video which explains a bit more about this app here:

So,  make sure to check out their social media sites and stay up to date on their latest news.

~ Marisol

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