OUTSIDE LANDS announces THE MISSION in their cause oriented space

Featuring: HeadCount, #iVoted Concerts,

Music Declares Emergency,

Planned Parenthood Northern California

And Many More


oday, Outside Lands is excited to announce it’s urgently topical programming for The Mission Presented by Outside Lands Works. The Mission (formerly known as Eco Lands), has spent the last 16 years at the forefront of cause oriented festival programming. The Mission’s goal is to use the platform of the festival experience to inspire the diverse Outside Lands community to collectively effect change around an issue important to them.

In this election year, The Mission is thrilled to dedicate itself to the issue of Voting: registration; awareness; and participation. Often lost in partisan politics is the importance of having a voice and the power of civic participation.

Festival organizers ask community members to recognize their individual and collective power, to see participation in the democratic process as an essential way to engage with the causes they care about. Fans are encouraged to advocate for their personal values and passions – be education, the arts, local business, agriculture; or any of the causes championed by our community – at the national and local levels, in their every-day lives and moments of collective importance. Outside Lands hope to see you at The Mission, and at the ballot box.

While this is a festival-wide endeavor, The Mission, located within Hellman Hollow, is the physical locus of this effort – a place where Outside Lands host non-profit organizations that pursue work on our annual cause, and other important issues, year-round. This year’s participants include HeadCount, #iVoted Concerts, Music Declares Emergency, Planned Parenthood Northern California, Support and Feed, Sunset Youth Services, Youth Art Exchange, Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), San Francisco Parks Alliance, San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department and Gardens of Golden Gate Park.

Fans can learn more about these organizations by visiting: https://sfoutsidelands.com/get-involved/the-mission. Fans can donate directly to Outside Lands Works here: https://sfoutsidelands.com/get-involved/outside-lands-works


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