Gear Highlight: Incident gTar makes it easy to learn how to play guitar!


This week on our new feature, Gear Highlight we focus on an item that isn’t truly gear for bands or musicians per say but definitely is something musical!  Allow me to introduce you to Incident gTar which is a fully digital guitar that makes it easy for anyone to learn how to play.

We heard about this product when a good friend of ours and die hard music lover, Ben Mitchell told us that he was working at Incident gTar transcribing tabs.  It is amazing to see how the product quickly developed and has been turning  heads in the music industry. It received a lot of recognition and was Runner-up at Tech Crunch Disrupt NY 2012.

It is as easy as docking your Iphone into the guitar body and after loading the gTar app, an array of interactive LEDs along the fretboard will show you how to play. It is amazing technology that will allow users to learn their favorite songs and unlike gaming version,s it has the style and feel of a traditional electric guitar so it will be easy to transfer your learning skills over to other guitars.  The iPhone will produce the music as you pluck, as you follow the lights on the frets, make a mistake and hit the wrong note, and it will mute the sound. The gTar app comes with a large library of popular songs and can range from easy, medium to hard mode. I can’t wait to try this out for myself.

The gTar comes in black or white and is currently selling for $399. You can learn more about this cool gadget on their website  and also check a video below that shows how it works.

~ Marisol 

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