Kublai Khan TX release new single “Taipan”

New EP "Lowest Form Of Animal" out April 1st!

Texan steamroller Kublai Khan TX recently announced the release of their new EP “Lowest Form Of Animal” via Rise Record for tomorrow! Today the band shared a new song along with a visualizer: “Taipan”. The song is a little over one minute long and it’s a brutally efficient and metallic blast. A musical explosion for which the band is known for.

“Taipan” expresses the reality of waste”, so the band. “Waste of time, waste of brainpower, waste, because we are busy with fast sex, lower ambition and comfort. We compare the cursed existence of reptiles in a cage with our own life. We never see the sun and long for freedom. But we never think outside the box, because the desires of the flesh can sedate everyone and keep them from growing. 8 billion personal cages. What locks you up?”

The new EP “Lowest form Of Animal” will be released April 1st via Rise Records. You can pre-order it HERE.



“Swan Song” (Feat. Scott Vogel)
“Loyal to None”




Kublai Khan TX will be out on tour in the US, supporting Knocked Loose, starting today in Nashville, TN.

For more information on the band, follow their social media:





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