Get to know more about your favorite new band, Generation

We recently told you about a kick ass band that you have to know, Generation. They grabbed our attention with their release of their track Break Ur Heart. They have a sound that will have you instantly hooked. Check out our interview with Generation as you get to know your favorite new band better:

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You recently released  your new track Break Ur Heart, produced by Al Groves. Can you tell us about the recording process and how the song came about?

The recording process was very exciting, we had heard a lot about Al (producer) and had wanted to work with him for a while.  We finally set some dates and got into the studio. The process was pretty standard we laid drums, bass,  guitar and vocals last. Al got heavily involved and presented a few ideas that we absolutely loved. 

The song came about shortly after the lockdown ban was lifted, Dean had just got out of a relationship where his partner had gone with someone else behind his back. I think he  had enough of being taken for a ride and decided if you can’t beat em join em. 

Check out their song here:

What is next for Generation and do you have any upcoming EPs or more songs to be release soon?

Next up for generation is WORLD DOMINATION, we know that must sound so cliće but we are unapologetically ourselves and we mean what we say. We want to go the whole way, we aren’t afraid to admit that, it’s so boring when people act asif it’s cool to not want that. we want to pack out stadiums, we want thousand of fans screaming our lyrics straight back at us. We wanna party with you all. 

We are heading back into the studio shortly to record our next single, you are going to love it!!! 

We love bands that not only deliver an infectious sound but also feed us with style and fashion galore. You really have your own style, can you tell us where does the inspiration come from?

The inspiration for our style comes form anything and everything, ever since we were young we have always dressed exactly how we want. We all know each other very well,one of us will see something in a shop window and say Aghhh hattie that would look so sick on you or James that would look cool on you. We all swap clothes constantly so we have similar taste. 

Do you have plans for coming to the US? Preferably California? (Please say Yes) If so do you have any shows planned?

Hopefully we can get over to the states soon, if you know of any festivals or shows we can jump on hit us up. 

With the music scene finally opening up after the shutdown through Covid, one thing is for sure, we all came out of it with lessons learned or a new perspective. What would you say for each of you, was something positive or something you learned, that came from the last two years?

 I think that we can all agree as a band that the one thing we all felt in common was to never take playing a live show for granted ever again. It’s easy sometimes to take something for granted. Especially when you are so used to it or your personal life starts getting in the way. 

Music Programs here in the States have been losing their funding and are being dropped from school curriculums. Did each of you have any experience with school music programs or how did each of you get to where you are today?


We totally know how you feel, the arts funding is a joke, when you think about having a good time in life it always seems to involve the arts, wether it be a festival, music, an exhibition, art etc. But for some reason when it comes to funding the arts we are all taken as some kind of joke, as something that should take a back seat when it comes to priorities. We need more funding and schemes 100% so hopefully we can do something about that once we get a bigger platform. 

We got lucky as our high school had a music department that was actually half okay, and after that we got onto a 2 year scheme when we were 17 that funded 2 singles and a shared rehearsal room. But after that we struggled a bit, we always seemed to make it work tho. 

With Summer just starting here for us in the States, what is a favorite summer memory you have from your childhood?

A great summer memory was playing Ynot festival for the first time and just Vibing with all the other bands at camp. We can’t wait to get back to festivals. 

If Generation could head out on their dream tour, which three bands would you like to tour with?

We would love to tour with Yungblud, post malone, & the Rolling Stones (so If any of you are reading this plz get us on as support lol) 

Lastly, what is something you would like to share with your audience and new fans?


A message we would like to share with our audience and new fans is don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks, when you come to our live shows expect rock and fucking roll. It’s always a party, we want our shows to be a space where people can come and feel liberated. Wear wtf you want, be who tf you want and Party as hard as you can. No pressure tho 😂

We want people to leave our shows and feel inspired, even if it’s just a new outfit idea. 

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