Interview with Beyond The Fallen by Meryl DeWitt of Drift N Die Press

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Straight out of Vatican City, Beyond The Fallen is a new band for your ears and eyes! This industrialcore act brings an intense sound and insane stage presence. Covered in paint and theatrics, they spread the best kind of terror throughout Rome. Drift & Die Press recently had the chance to speak with the band about their scheme, inspirations, and more.

DND: When and how was Beyond The Fallen formed? 

Kaiten: Beyond The Fallen comes from the ashes of a previous project that Joy and I created in the past. It took a very brief period of brainstorming for us to recruit the right people to form the band and the crew, and that happened a year ago….the band’s pretty new. A thing we’re so proud of.

DND: What’s the story behind the band’s name?

Kaiten: We were discussing religious topics and this definition came out.

To define something underneath the subterranean levels of hell, to define something beyond Lucifer himself. What’s worst than Evil itself? What’s Beyond The Fallen?

DND: Who’s the band trouble-marker? What’s the worst trouble he’s gotten himself or the band into? 

Joy: I think everyone of us is a a great trouble maker, but in a different way.

Nova: Yuki, for sure. The worst thing he did was sleeping during my second dinner after the show.

DND: Who’s the band ladies man? What’s his craziest story?

Kaiten: Sakon, for sure….better not to tell, I think… 

Joy: Same here. Every one of us has his dirty stories, we are bad girls~

DND: What is the best gig you’ve ever played? What’s the worst? 

Kaiten: We’re learning a lot from every gig we play and we’re living new experiences every time we play. So I can’t really say. The worst? There are no bad live gigs with Beyond The Fallen.

Nova: The best and worst at the same time was in our city, Rome, in April 2015. We were totally drunk, and Joy and I started to shoot flour and raw meat at the other guys and at the audience. It was so funny.

Joy: As Nova has already said, the best and worst gig was during a Zombie Party, here in Rome. It was the worst because it was not a club, but rather a neglected building, so we had no stage, no lights, NOTHING. However it has been the best show ever because we were drunk as Hell. During the first song, Kaiten had already destroyed everything on the “stage”. After that, Nova and I threw fresh meat and flour to our bandmates and to the public. (Even our bandmates didn’t know we brought fresh meat.) But it wasn’t enough. After that, I thought it was a great idea to take all the meat box, and to smear it on Kaiten’s chest while he was singing. It was sick and sexy. I think I have a photo.

DND: If you could tour with any band in the world, who would it be? 

Joy: Luciano Pavarotti, Bruce Willis, and Stephen Hawking

Nova: Do the Spice Girls still exist? I absolutely want to spy on Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice).

Yuki: It would probably be Bring Me The Horizon, just to try and understand how the Hell they succeed in changing their approach to music on every single record.

DND: Outside of your own music, what is your favorite song? 

Joy: “The Gap is Too Wide” by Mostly Autumn

Nova: “Old Man” by Neil Young

DND: Of all the songs you’ve written so far, which has meant the most to you and why? 

Kaiten: “Final Solution,” for sure. It has that particular sound I wanted. The sound I was growing up with in the nineties, when I was a pre-teen….reminds me of Marilyn Manson’s “Kinderfeld”. It has got that slow paced, creepy feeling. I love that track.

Joy: “Unleash The Beast.” In my humble opinion, it’s the song that represents Beyond The Fallen perfectly. It was an old song written by me, and was the first that we have worked on, the first time we entered in the recording studio together. For me, it represents the beginning of our band, our friendship and brotherhood. Plus it is an evergreen. It’s my symbol and idea of Beyond The Fallen.

DND: Where and when is your favorite place to write? 

Kaiten: Skie Studio, our producer’s studio. Full of energy and inspiration, nice vibes and intelligent people to brainstorm with.

Joy: I don’t write lyrics at all. I just gave some ideas for “Unleash The Beast” and “Qliphotic Perceiver,” but it’s not my field. I think that words in a song are totally useless, and music itself has to communicate emotions and feelings. That’s the magic of music. The voice must be only an instrument. Luckily Kaiten and Yuki think differently from me and they write good lyrics.

Yuki: The place is not important, but it must be night. I always write at night, ‘til dawn sometimes. I never wrote anything good during the day.

DND: Can you give us a little insight towards what you’re currently working on?

Kaiten: I give a vague hint… Think about Japan.

Joy: EP, remixes, surprises!

Yuki: We’re working (actually we’re almost done) on this EP containing some remixes of our songs from a lot of talented artists, like Nero Bellum, who remixed “Unleash The Beast”. Plus a couple of surprises I’m sure our fans will like, but I still can’t talk about it.

DND: Finally, where would you like to be in your careers a year from now?

Joy: In a tour bus, playing Digimon video games.

Nova: In a good restaurant.

Yuki: A year from now I hope to be in the middle of a great tour, visiting lots of different cities and meeting our fans all over the world.

Band Links

Kaiten – Lead Vocals

Joy – Bass

Yuki – Guitar 

Nova – Drums

Sakon – Synths

Photos provided by:

Sabrina Lee Gore

 BTF Art 2

Interview by Drift & Die Press

Conducted & Written by Meryl DeWitt

Edited by Jackie Cameron



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