Interview with Sophia Zamani, our BottleRock highlight

One of our BottleRock Napa highlights was singer – songwriter Sophia Zamani performing on the Prudential stage.  We wanted to bring you an interview with  Sophia.

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MJP: “First we wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your set at BottleRock. It was great to see the crowds coming in and gravitating to your stage. How was it for you performing at the festival?


Sophia: Thank you so much!  It was a really exciting experience, especially because I grew up going to the festival and have now played it! It’s such a magical feeling to connect with an audience through my music, and I feel so grateful to have had a good turnout Saturday and Sunday. I had a ton of fun.


MJP: BottleRock brought so many different genres together, who were you most excited to see?

Sophia: I was most excited to see Cold War Kids! I love their music and actually got the chance to meet them and connect with one of their members! 


MJP: So many schools have gotten rid of the music programs in their curriculum. I understand you started getting into music at a young age, did you also have a music program in your school while growing up?

Sophia: That is very true. I’m thankful that my parents have always made sure I go to a school that provides a holistic education. At the school I went to for middle school and freshman year of high school I was part of the band and choir classes; and the school I attended for junior and senior year provided a number of opportunities for me to explore my creativity through my songwriting. 

MJP:  Your songwriting captures a great depth of emotion, do you feel the same when performing them?  Is there a certain song that can be difficult to perform because of that?

Sophia: I feel so much emotion when performing. If anything, the more emotion I feel the easier the song is for me to perform. I get locked in with the feelings, words, and instrumentals of the song.

MJP: You have done many great collaborations, is there anyone that is at the top of your list that you would like to collaborate with? And what about an artist from a completely different genre?

Sophia:: I actually have a duet with a country artist coming out this summer that will be a part of my first EP. I have been wanting to do a girl/guy duet for a while now! In regards to other collaborations, I have a couple underway that I’m really looking forward too. 

MJP: What is next for you? Do you have any tours or live shows planned?

Sophia: I plan to debut my EP at the end of summer at a venue in LA that is TBD. 

 MJP: Us at Music Junkie Press are strong believers that music can heal, help, inspire or change someone. Do you have a particular artist or song that stands out as an example of that?

Sophia: That is in total alignment with how I think. I love it. The artist that accomplishes this for me personally is Gregory Alan Isakov. I think he is an absolutely incredible artist who I look up to for sure.

MJP: Lastly, is there anything else you would like to share with our audience and your fans?

Sophia: I’m just going to keep making music that I love and sharing it with the world. Hopefully people will hear it and hopefully they will like it and hear what I’m trying to say through it. Thank you so much.


MJP: Thank you so much and we look forward to any shows coming to Northern California!”

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In case you  missed it, check out photos from one of her Sophia’s set at BottleRock.

We look forward to the debut of her EP and hopefully we can make it down to LA and check out her show.

Make sure to visit her social media sites and stay up to date on the latest news.

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