Interview with Syka contributed by Meryl DeWitt, Drift & Die Press

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From the heart of New York with a hard rock soul, SYKA is here to rock your radio! Recently they’ve released their EP “Stay Wild” and are blowing up venues all around NYC. Drift & Die Press got to talk with frontwoman Jesyka for a bit!

Drift & Die Press: Give me a quick rundown of your members!

Jesyka – Vocals

Gregg Sgar – Guitar

Gino Martine – Bass

Steve Richards – Drums

DND: In a mainly male dominated genre, having a female lead can give you an extra edge. It can also cause some struggles and discrimination. Can you give any advice to young girls wanting to become musicians, but are too intimidated by the nature of the industry?

Jesyka: Do what you love. Stay Wild. If you’re meant for the world of music, it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female. You can be whatever you imagine.

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DND: What is the biggest stereotype you find yourself fighting, and how do you overcome it?

Jesyka: Many people throw us into the ‘female fronted metal’ category. We’re so much more than that: and sonically, rock n’ roll. With that said, we don’t pay much attention to stereotypes.

DND: Just recently you released a new music video! What was the filming process like?

Jesyka: Very smooth and incredible. Collaborating with Manhattan Center Productions enabled us to have NYC’s Hammerstein Ballroom for ‘Shock Me.’ We had a full crew, numerous cameras, directors, etc… This was all to create the best possible video for our Sykos. We had a killer experience filming it, and spent many sleepless nights editing it. 

DND: Out of all the videos you’ve shot, what’s your best memory from filming?

Jesyka: ‘Shock Me.’ It’s a rare occurrence to sit down with your team, envision the end goal, and have every detail you’d hoped for come to life. Every frame of the video was designed to evoke certain emotions and messages for our Sykos.

DND: What are the best and worst gigs you’ve ever had?

Jesyka: The best gig we’ve had so far was our ‘Stay Wild’ EP release show at Webster Hall on July 18th 2015. If you were there, you’d know 😉

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DND: If you could play any city or venue in the world, where would it be and why?

Jesyka: Madison Square Garden. There’s no place like home.

DND: If you could get a pass to commit one crime and get away with it, what would it be?

Jesyka: Break TV and play ‘Shock Me’ on repeat on every channel for a week.


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DND: When you die, what song do you want played at your funeral?

Jesyka: We won’t ever die. Music is what keeps artists forever alive. 

DND: Who’s the loudest in the band?

Jesyka: Steve.

DND: Who’s the band’s trouble maker?

Jesyka: Steve.

DND: Finally, is there anything you’d like to leave your fans with?

Jesyka: They may try to tie you down. They may try to change you. They may even call you a Syko. But… be proud of it. Stand by it. And remember… you just gotta Stay Wild.

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