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Los Angeles based singer, Tara Macri released her great new video for her song, Prettiest Girl In The Room and it truly is a feel good song for a much needed pick me up. We recently had the opportunity to interview Tara and are pleased to bring that to you:

Music Junkie Press: Thank you Tara for taking the time out to talk with us here at Music Junkie Press. First we wanted to congratulate you on the great video and song, Prettiest Girl In The Room. It truly captures the emotion of how someone can change your whole perspective.


You have starred in many Broadway productions, can you tell us how you decided to forge ahead with your music?

Tara Macri:  I’ve always been writing and working on my music at the same time as performing on-stage.  On my days off, I can be found in the studio and even, sometimes, I’ll hit the studio during the day before a show. If I am working in New York doing a play, I would typically have Mondays off and try to do a show at a club or coffee house just to test out some new music. Whether I am performing on-stage in a play or writing and performing music, I love it and want to be creative in many different ways.

Music Junkie Press: What are you currently working on now?

Tara Macri: Lots!! I have promo and appearance set for the push of PGITR. Radio has been adding it to their playlist, too, which has been amazing! I will be hitting up radio stations soon and playing the song live…so be sure to check out my website regularly for up to date info: You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Music Junkie Press: Your vocals bring a very honest connection to the listener that is something we love. How is when you are recording? Is it an emotional process for you?

Tara Macri: Aww, thank you so much! Yeah…for sure! All of my songs come from a truthful and authentic place and they really mean a lot to me. I loved working with producer Greg Collins on ‘Prettiest Girl in the Room’ because he recorded my vocals in a different way than I am used to, which was cool. We would record vocals every day, but not all of them at once…we spread it out over the course of recording the song. Greg would wait until I was relaxed and then he would passively say, “hey…wanna go lay down some vocals?!” It took the pressure off and was a really nice change of pace!

Music Junkie Press: Do you have a particular songwriting process?

Tara Macri: It depends. It’ s different every time, really. You never know when a song or a beat is going to hit you. It sometimes happens when I am driving, or rather…sitting, in LA traffic.J Sometimes, I have the opportunity to work with really great producers and we will build a track together, and then write to the track. Other times, I will come up with the melody on the piano and then the lyrics come to me after the melody is set. And then there are the times that a title will start the whole process. The length of time it takes for me to write a song varies…it can just pour out and other times it might even take a few weeks. We live in a complicated and high-energy world where we are affected by many things all the time, and I do my best to remain open to influence all around me. If something strikes me and resonates with me, it might find it’s way into a song. One thing is for sure, all of my songs come from an honest and authentic place inside me, and each and every one means a lot to me. With PGITR the title came first and, actually, the first chorus we wrote didn’t make it into the final version. So, as a songwriter it is best to be flexible as you never know when something better is going to present itself.

Music Junkie Press: We at Music Junkie Press are very strong believers of how music can help, heal or change someone. Can you share a particular time where music was there to help you in a way? Whether it was a particular song or artist?

Tara Macri: Yes…definitely. I am a huge fan of P!NK. I love how all of her songs are full of so much honesty. Her songs are autobiographical and tell a story of what is going on in her life. P!NK’s lyrics don’t always paint a rosy-picture, but they do continuously display strength and perseverance to get through the tough times. I really love that message and after I have listened to one of her songs I feel like, “Yeah. I feel like that sometimes, but P!NK just said it….confessed it…and she prevailed. If she can do it, then so can I!” It is a message that still drives me today!

Music Junkie Press: If you could collaborate with anyone, whom would you like to collaborate with?

Tara Macri: Oh wow that is so hard! My list is very very long. I will break it down this way:

Living: Without a doubt, P!NK. Plus Kanye & Eminem…because of the way they string together lyrics. They are amazing and continuously blow my mind!

Passed on to the Great Beyond: The one…the only…Michael Jackson

Music Junkie Press: If you could go back to your 14 year old self, what advice would you give to yourself?

Tara Macri: RELAX!! Things always seem to work out in the end. You have so much to look forward to! Patience….  J

Music Junkie Press: If we could peak into your Ipod or playlist what artist or song would we be most surprised at finding in there?

Tara Macri: Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Obsessed with their tune, “Apologies”

Music Junkie Press: With today’s digital world and unfortunately, the troubles of cyber bullying, what advice could you give to the youth of today in dealing with it?

Tara Macri: It is awful that just a few typed or spoken words is all it can to take to really hurt another person, but the real tragedy is that those terrible things are typed/texted/said at all in the first place. My advice to youth today on dealing with such horrible things as bullying, is to surround yourself with positive people. People that you feel you can talk to and be honest with about what is happening. People that make you feel good about you. You can’t stop others from being mean, but you can build your own support circle around you. This can help you let mean comments, etc. roll off your shoulders a little easier. I wrote ‘Prettiest Girl In The Room’ to remind us that sometimes things aren’t always going to go your way, but when that happens, it is ok to turn to your boyfriend, girlfriend, sister, brother, mom, dad, best-friend, or somebody else, and ask for help. To quote The Beatles: “All you need is love.” Truly.

Music Junkie Press: Will you be planning on any upcoming performances that we can catch you at? Hopefully, Northern California!!

Tara Macri: We have promo and appearances set for the push of PGITR and have had some ads at radio. It has been pretty amazing! I will be stopping by supporting radio stations soon, so stay tuned!

Music Junkie Press: Lastly, is there something that you would like to share with our audience and your fans?

Tara Macri: Just that I am very excited for everyone to hear the song! Thank you Music Junkie for your support and the interviewJ


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Everyone has those times where they feel hopeless, sad or in despair and it may seem so hard to rise from those feelings. What is special, is when you have that one person whom you know you can call on, to make you feel like the Prettiest Girl In The Room. That is the message behind the song. Tara comments about the video,

The fashion and look in the video was inspired by Audrey Hepburn. We were going for a modern day Audrey Hepburn look. I love her uniqueness & classiness and have always been a huge fan of hers. In any situation I always ask – what would Audrey Hepburn do?”

Check out the video here:


Tara brings out such a natural honesty when she sings and creates an emotional connection with the listener. Make sure to visit her social media sites and stay up to date on her latest news.

~ Marisol

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