PledgeMusic Fiasco: See how you can help Latin Pop artist Melissa Otero complete her album campaign

We would like to introduce you to another amazing hard working artist that has been affected by the PledgeMusic fiasco. Latin pop artist Melissa Otero was hard at work gearing with her campaign at PledgeMusic for the release of her new album, Erotomania. Shortly after becoming aware of PledgeMusic’s ongoing financial situation, she had to immediately pull her campaign to protect her fans and their money.



Melissa is still on track to release her album on April 27th.  She has created a PRE-ORDER GoFundMe campaign where you can contribute to the making of the album as well as order items that were originally available through PledgeMusic. Head over to her GoFundMe page and place your order or contribution here: Check out the details on the new campaign here:

PLEASE READ THROUGH: Welcome! After working so hard for almost two months on our original campaign over at PledgeMusic, we decided to cancel the campaign due to an ongoing situation with the platform’s finances. I kindly invite you to look through this entire page and see what we have available as some items are limited.

This is a PRE-ORDER GoFundMe for my forthcoming album “Erotomania” due for release on April 27th, 2019. Every single person that contributes to this page MUST inform us what it is that they are ordering. You can also just submit a donation and also note it in your note. We will send continuous news about our project going forward via this platform and my official newsletter at

If you decide to pre-order any item, please note, we will be honoring all items after the album is completed. Our goal is to close this GoFundMe no later than March 27th, one month before the release date so we can start shipping out whatever has been purchased through here.

For each order that needs to be shipped, there will be an additional shipping + handling fee which will be calculated once we are ready to ship your order. By then, you can just submit your shipping + handling funds via PayPal.

Thank you all for your patience and support. Let’s get this album completed!!! xoxo


It’s been six years since the release of “Angels and Demons” and I have been hard at work writing new material for the new LP. So many songs to choose from and I have narrowed it down to handful of songs I feel are ready to be shared with the world. I invite you to join me in this project of love and passion as I bring to you new music while we go on tour.

The online store will feature some one-of-a-kind merchandise that can only be bought here as well as some merch from previous albums and special items such as the “VIP Concert Experience”.

Thank you so much for your support! Looking forward to completing this project of love for you all.

Love and light,


$5 – “Por Amor” & “Stars” – Digital Format

Track listing:

1. Por Amor
2. Por Amor – Salsa Version
3. Por Amor – Nelson Luis Remix
4. Por Amor (Instrumental)
5. Stars
6. Stars (Instrumental)

$10 – Erotomania – Digital Format
$15 – Erotomania – CD
$25 – Erotomania – Autographed CD

$15 – Angels and Demons – CD
$25 – Angels and Demons – Autographed CD

$20 – 11×17 Autographed Poster
$30 – Erotomania T-Shirt

$50 – Handwritten Lyrics – [10 AVAILABLE]
The song of your choosing by Melissa Otero, written out by hand in a very special way.

$50 – Album Released Signed Set List – [4 AVAILABLE]
After the album release show, right from the stage, signed just for you.

$50 – Online Skype/Zoom Call – [2 AVAILABLE]
30 minute Skype or Zoom call with Melissa Otero

$200 – EXECUTIVE PRODUCER! Your Name In The Liner Notes + Signed CD – [10 AVAILABLE]
You’ll be part of the new album…literally! With your name appearing in a special “thank you” section of the album’s liner notes. PLUS a signed CD.

You and up to 3 friends can come and hang with the band backstage at our release concert party in New York City! PLUS receive some signed merch. Includes entry to concert and soundcheck. NYC Concert date April 27th, 2019 at SOB’s (Sound of Brazil).


Check out the lead single, Speak which is off the upcoming new album. You can’t help but to feel the emotion that Melissa brings to life through her music. Her music is a gift and we can’t wait for her new album.


In addition, sign up for her mailing list and make sure to visit her social media sites so you can stay up to date on her latest news.

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