Diablo release new song & video “The Stranger” from their upcoming new record

One of the biggest names in the Finnish metal scene, the masters of outlaw metal Diablo, have released their brand new single “The Stranger”, the latest sample of their long-awaited seventh album “When All The Rivers Are Silent” due out on February 25th, 2022.

Vocalist Rainer Nygård shares

“The Stranger is autofiction from the edge. I got an impulse to write the lyrics due to early departure of one of my colleagues. I guess everyone of us has a secret or two inside our hearts which we cherish. Most of the times harmfully. Addiction is a friend who can easily take you as a hostage and blur the line between role and reality. There is no business like show business and I’m aware of that too”.

“The Stranger” was preceded by singles “Grace Under Pressure” and “The Extinctionist”, which will also be on the upcoming record. “When All The Rivers Are Silent” is now available to pre-order, ahead of its release on February 25th.

Diablo albums are known to be carefully handcrafted, and WATRAS makes no exception. The leading duo of the band, Rainer Nygård (vocals & guitar) and Marko Utriainen (guitar), have written an intense collection of songs that radiate great care for detail. The album concept and visuals take the band back to its very roots, river Kalajoki in the Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland. WATRAS was recorded by Samu Oittinen (Insomnium) and mixed by Jens Bogren (Arch Enemy, Opeth, Kreator).

Rainer, also known as a huge fan of Kris Kristoffersson and outlaw country music in general, describes the lyrical concept as follows:

“Basically the album is an honest and merciless story collection about a person who has reached the rock bottom in his spiritual life. Now it is mandatory to either pick up the bits and pieces or to go down under with his former way of life. Decisions are always hard to make in the eye of the storm when you’re an unstable addict and on top of everything surrounded by all kind of temptations. There are no Hollywood endings in real life no matter what Sunrise Avenue is singing. I did this my way.”


“When All The Rivers Are Silent”

1. The Well Of Grief
2. Unhola
3. Grace Under Pressure
4. Jack of All Mistakes
5. Titan
6. The Stranger
7. The Extinctionist
8. Shackles of Fear


Pre-order “When All The Rivers Are Silent” here.

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