Architects live at Royal Albert Hall

Live shows have been absent from our livesĀ for months now. When the lockdowns started, shows and entire tours had to be canceled, it didn’t take long that bands started to search for alternatives to reach out to the fans and give them the closest experience to a live show that there is right now – live streams.

One of the bands that chose this option is the UK Metalcore band Architects. Since streams don’t have an audience, they can take place in any kind of venue. But Architects decided to choose a beautiful historic place – the Royal Albert Hall. The Royal Albert Hall is located in South Kensington, London. It was opened in 1871 and has a capacity of about 5.200 people.

30 minutes before the stream was due to start, the chat had already been opened for people. Reading some of the posts, you could feel the excitement of the fans. Show start was set for 8 pm GMT. At about 8.05 pm the stream started with the camera walking along the halls of the venue right behind the singer Sam Carter, down to the arena, where the performance immediately started with the first song of the night, ‘Nihilist’, facing the rest of the band on stage.

The only thing missing at this show has been the audience, which is quite a factor in a live performance. Never the less, the band brought so much energy on stage, if it wasn’t for the dead silence between every song, you wouldn’t have guessed that they played an empty venue. Also, they didn’t spare any costs on lighting and a big screen behind the stage, like they usually bring along on tours.

In 2016 the band lost their guitar player and main songwriter Tom Searle to cancer. There’s never a show though, where they don’t show their appreciation to their lost brother. It actually feels like he’s still part of every performance.

In between the powerful performance of songs from their previous records, they also played two acoustic tracks, Memento Mori and A Wasted Hym, which was absolutely fabulous. Goosebumps all the way!

The setlist included 17 songs, three of them brand-new

  1. Nihilist
  2. Modern Misery
  3. Discourse Is Dead (new)
  4. Broken Cross
  5. Death Is Not Defeat
  6. Royal Beggars
  7. Gone With The Wind
  8. Mortal After All
  9. Gravedigger
  10. Animals (new)
  11. Holy Hell
  12. Dead Butterflies (new)
  13. Memento Mori (acoustic)
  14. A Wasted Hym (acoustic)
  15. A Match Made In Heaven
  16. Hereafter
  17. Doomsday

The stream is available until Thursday 8 pm GMT. You should really check it out. Get a ticket at, enjoy the show and help keep bands and live performances alive.

Architects already announced the release of their new record ‘For Those That Wish To Exist’ a few weeks back. It will be out February 26th, 2021. I personally can’t wait to hear more new songs.

For more information on Architects, follow their social media

~ Alex


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