VIDEO TO WATCH: The Kanz release new music video, “Life Streaming Past”

BlankTV has a world premiere of a must watch new video! The video features The Kanz which have had their music described as “Stadium Punk Rock Music” because of their high-energy mind-blowing rock shows, deep emotional tunes, and electronic party vibes. They have mostly performed in London pubs and rock venues, but now the world is their new stage. Their new video is for Life Streaming Past.

The music video is notably produced by Rafael Pastana, the drummer of The Kanz; it shows a quirky story of a cyberpunk girl, who finds a little turtle in a park and builds up a friendship relationship with it; Fabio Nania comments “it’s a cute and simple storyline but it shows how love can be found in weird places. We wanted to find the right pet for a punk story so the turtle was the best fit!”

Check out the new video here:

About the band:

The Kanz shows are so interactive that the band members are dancing with the fans on the floor while the fans are on stage with them. It all looks like a proper pop punk party celebration. The Kanz released their debut single “Relativism” on 26th March 2019 with a premiere in PUNKTASTIC. They made a real statement in the pop punk scene by releasing the video “Just Panic” which got more than 16K Views on Youtube in just 2 weeks. During the same year their following on Spotify has grown to over 12K followers and it keeps on increasing  as the band has been featured in several curator playlists.

Lead singer Fabio Nania steals the show with his captivating presence and strong vocals and Francesco Di Cataldo (synth player) brings a brand new electronic sound that takes the punk rock scene to a whole new level of party vibe. Brazilian drummer Rafael Pastana and Italian bass player William Patini are completing this brilliant team.

The Kanz’s sound continues to assert itself with this powerful mashed-up genre born by the influence of Punk Rock, Alternative Rock and Electronic Music.

Familiar genres can also be heard but ultimately the listener is immersed in The Kanz’ s new futuristic party rock world and dramatic vision. An assured musical confidence creating a wall of sound encapsulating a deep inner reflection and at times a message of rebirth: a return to the true awareness of today’s human condition.
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