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Dark alternative rockers Stray + The Wild have just released their latest single, Show Me The Way. The new track is exactly what we needed to get us ready for the weekend. Guitarist and songwriter, Alan Dämien, shares,

“We realize that we need to put our own ideas about life behind us if we want to write songs that can reach out to the souls of people. We want them to see what’s really happening in the world.”

“We all go through so many circumstances that define who we are. People get hung up with bad habits, life events, and become comfortable in their own personal situations. These songs were written to wake people up, to show them how we’re treating the planet, each other, and every living creature, with hopes that we will individually become self-aware and do the right thing.”

Produced by the renowned Mudrock, known for his work with Avenged SevenfoldLinkin ParkGodsmack, and Deftones, and recorded by Mudrock and Alan Dämien, this single is a testament to the band’s commitment to creating music that resonates with the souls of their audience.

Mastered by Howie Weinberg, whose credits include NirvanaMetallicaRed Hot Chili PeppersMuse, and Run DMC, the single showcases a sonic landscape that is both powerful and evocative, a hallmark of Stray + The Wild’s unique sound.

The music video was directed by Rich Ragsdale & produced by Kevin Ragsdale who recently worked with Sean Lennon on his videos.


Who is Stray + The Wild?

  • AlexVndria – Vocalist
  • Alan Damien – Guitars -Backup Vocals-Keys
  • Ginny Eck- Bass/Violinist
  • Sam Ruff – Drums

Alan Damien, a seasoned guitarist and accomplished songwriter, boasts a rich musical history that includes his previous role as a key member of the acclaimed band Living Dead Lights. Under the skilled management of Doug Goldstein, the iconic figure behind Guns N’ Roses, Alan’s career has reached dazzling heights.

One of his most noteworthy achievements was securing a coveted European record deal, a testament to his global appeal and musical prowess. His work was prominently featured in Hot Topic stores, with nationwide distribution in physical stores.

Alan’s musical brilliance has earned him accolades from prestigious publications like Rolling Stone Magazine, which hailed his music as “A GUARANTEED MEGA HIT” and “THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN IN 10 YEARS.” His compositions have graced the pages of Rolling Stone Magazine eight times, as well as, features in Revolver, Classic Rock Magazine, Playboy, and countless others.

His remarkable talent extends beyond performing and composing. Alan is a proficient music producer and a dedicated music teacher. He also collaborates with fellow artists, co-writing and developing songs for their projects. Furthermore, he lends his creative genius to the world of cinema and television, crafting scores and songs that enhance the storytelling experience.

Ginny Eck is a multifaceted musician known for her mastery of the bass guitar and violin. Her journey in the music industry has seen her as an integral part of signed touring groups, including 9 Electric and Eyeshine. Notably, Eyeshine featured Johnny Yong Bosch, known as the Black Power Ranger, AKA Adam Park, as their singer and guitarist.

Beyond her musical pursuits, AlexVndria is deeply committed to making a positive impact on the world. She dedicates her time to the Beagle Freedom Project, an organization focused on liberating animals from testing facilities and advocating for meaningful change on behalf of these animals.

Collectively, the band shares a strong commitment to veganism and animal rights, reflecting their dedication to ethical values both in their music and their lives.

They will be announcing tour dates for 2024 soon and we can’t wait to catch them live!

Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on the latest news.

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