Get electrified with Norway rockers new track Flicking the Bees



Electric High hailing from Bergen, Norway are a blend of alternative rock and hard rock with a burst of old style rock n roll. They have released their new single, Flicking the Bees. About the track

This swaggering rock ’n’ stroller came out of the usual collab between Electric High’s most active songwriters, PV Staff and Marius Mørch. The idea was to create an Electric High song that would stand in contrast to the band’s many more upbeat past releases. The band collectively tapped into the idea and created a track that builds in intensity throughout, from a pretty light-headed, easy-going start, to ending in a quite frantic vibe, with the characteristic screaming from the two lead singers, PV Staff and Olav Iversen.

The lyrics pretty much bring across the message that if your keep on flicking the bees, they will eventually get back at you and sting you fiercely. It’s gonna hurt. So don’t act stupid. Stop wasting time on silly stuff. Do good. Be cool. And you’ll be alright.

Flicking the Bees was recorded in Havnelageret Studio, Bergen, Norway. Produced by Electric High and engineered by Daniel Birkeland. Mixed and mastered at Solslottet Studio, Bergen, Norway, by Iver Sandøy.


Check out the new song HERE:

Band Members:

  • PV Staff — lead vocals
  • Olav Iversen — lead vocals
  • Marius Mørch — guitars
  • Einride Torvik — bass
  • Tor Helge Opdahl — drums


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