Interview with The Augments Project contributed by Meryl DeWitt

In a music scene begging for something new constantly, The Augments Project is here to answer the demands! This new act is bringing forward an interesting sound for your ears. Through the screaming and heaviness, they aim to teach hope to their listeners in an unconventional manor. Recently frontman Jimmy Trigger talked with Drift N Die Press about the band’s structure, along with insight inside his own mind.


Drift N Die: Can you give me a brief description of what your act is all about?
Jimmy Trigger: The way I describe it is ‘Synth Soaked Anthem Metal’ a mix of our old school and new school genres combined.


DND: How did the band come to form it’s current lineup?

Jimmy: Johnny had been toying with the idea of starting something new.

Basically it all came together in one meeting. I knew none of the guys, we met in a coffee shop, stared at each other for a bit…an hour later we were writing music.

DND: At what point growing up did you decide to become a musician? How long have you been a musician?

Jimmy: I grew up in Ireland until I was 27. I was forced into catholic school

Choir, which I hated, but I loved singing. At 15 I fronted my first band, the seed was sown, and many years later it has provided me with many life experiences I would have never dreamt of.

DND: What album or artist was it that first broke you into the music scene and got you addicted to music?

Jimmy: Honestly, it was everything. I was in choir, I was a white Irish white kid listening to Gangsta Rap, Oasis, Metallica. I think it all had a profound effect on me and kept me open minded. But I was most certainly hooked.


DND: If you could be buried with 3 albums, what would they be?

Jimmy: Pearl Jam – Ten, Killswitch Engage – End of Heartache, Ugly Kid Joe -America Least Wanted (BEST BAND EVER!!!)

DND: What’s your dream tour lineup to be apart of? Favorite city to play?

Jimmy: Actually Killswitch and Rise Against just announced a tour. I would love it for 2 reasons: I love the bands and their songs, and secondly, their messages they promote. I am a PMA fanatic. I might not seem it, but it’s what I promote in every single song written.

DND: Can you tell us the strongest message you hope fans take away from your music?

Jimmy: Feel free to express yourself within our company (at our show or just listening at home). Mosh, sing, stand still, be quiet. Connect and reflect. For me the older I get the more I need this as medicine. Every word I open for debate, every chord can be felt in different way, but always know it’s a positive safe place. No matter how dark it sounds…I believe in promoting hope.

DND: Out of all the cliches, what stereotype do you find yourself battling the most? How do you deal with it?

Jimmy: I am covered in tattoos, a funny haircut, a weird accent…you could invent a million different cliches.

I battle none. I think once you truly find yourself and become confident in who you are people find it very hard to stigmatize you. Confidence and security in oneself is something I heavily promote. If you stand for something, people don’t usually dare argue or confront you…But hey, maybe I’m crazy.

DND: What drives you the most to continue to try to spread positivity?

image2 (1)

Jimmy: I started something in November 2010 called PMMA (positive

Mental MOTHERFUCKIN attitude)

The reason being, I was depressed and desperately wanted to understand how to be confident and happy. It turned out writing about my problems and experiences saved me. It connected me with people because it turned out a LOT of people felt like this. My weapon of choice was words, my way to deliver them, MUSIC! Music is medicine. Medicine is good. It makes you feel better and gives you a sense of belonging. THATS why it’s so important.

DND: Out of all the songs you’ve written, which has meant the most to you & why?

Jimmy: I think the Augments song I love is the debut single “AWAKEN”.

It truly delves into the emotion I think we were all kinda trying to capture. Dark, moody, heavy…and hopeful. I write a lot of the lyrics in metaphors, sometimes not. “Take this noose around my neck that bind me to my life’s regrets…and let me watch it burn” …you can decide.

DND: Can you give us a little insight towards what you’ve currently got in the works?
Jimmy: Our music video for Awaken debuts online with Revolver Magazine on July 23rd and our debut 5 track EP will be available on BandCamp. Then SHOWS SHOWS SHOWS!!!DND: Finally, is there anything you’d like to leave your fans and potential listeners with?

Jimmy: I hope you enjoy. I hope you get something from it. I hope you’re entertained. I hope you come meet us and check out a show…if not. Cool.

Please check our social medias @TheAugmentsProject for updates!

Stay safe…Keep It Positive.

The Augments Project – “Awaken”


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Jimmy Trigger

 Photos by Elisabeth Marie Brough

Interview by Drift N Die Press

Written/Conducted by Meryl DeWitt


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