Time to crank up the new high energy Jared James Nichols album!


Singer, songwriter, guitarist extraordinaire and Gibson brand ambassador,  Jared James Nichols released his self titled album on January 13th and it is one that is a DO-NOT-MISS! The album which was produced, engineered, and mixed by Eddie Spear (Zach Bryan, Slash, Rival Sons) and recorded live in the studio at Blackbird Studios and Sienna Studios, truly captures the energy of Nichols live performances.


We had the chance to chat a bit with Jared about his new album.

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Thank you so much Jared for taking the time out to talk with us here at Music Junkie Press.  From the first time interviewing you at NAMM 2016, we knew you were on to such a bright future. With your self-titled album set to release on January 13th,  what can you share with your fans about what to expect with this new album? 

 I am SO excited for fans to hear this new record! It is raw, high energy, and undeniably ME. I feel like I have finally captured my sound on record. Turn it up and rock out!


Last year, you blew everyone away with your performance at Aftershock Festival. Your live shows truly capture your passion and stellar guitar playing. I know we were even treated to some of your new songs! Which of the new songs off your album are you most looking forward to performing out on the road this year?

 Is it bad to say I cannot wait to play them all?! Haha! Every song on this record was made to be played live. If I had to pick a few off the album that I am truly looking forward to it would be “Easy Come, Easy Go” and “Hallelujah.” Both of those are heavy hitters!


I understand your new album was all recorded live. I know you have had quite a time recovering from your arm surgery and then baring all into your music with the new album. Did you find the live recording process an emotional catharsis or healing process as well? 

 It was a total healing process. This record was the ultimate therapy for me. I found such a light at the end of the tunnel with this record and it helped me speed up my recovery process.


 Now that we seem like we are coming to the other side of Covid, it has been a difficult time for the music scene but as well as time for reflection and self-awareness.  What is something that you could say you learned about yourself or something positive from these pandemic years?

 I truly learned a ton. With all of the time off at home, I was able to dig deeper into myself and where I wanted to go as an artist. I used my time to create and plan for brighter days playing music, practicing my guitar skills and connecting with people on the road again.


 You have astounded us with your work as a Gibson ambassador and have been a highlight of the Gibson NAMM shows. Will you be at NAMM 2023 and can you tell us about your new signature gear? 

 Absolutely, I’ll be there! One of my biggest highlights of the NAMM show is hanging with Gibson and rocking out. I have plans to release another incredible signature model later in the year, that is all I can say! Haha!


Do you have any tour plans as of yet that you can share with us?

Currently, we are in the process of doing select album release shows around America and headed back over to Europe in February for a tour. This year is already filling up fast and I cannot wait to announce more dates here in the states as well as all over the world.


 We look forward to the new album Jared and to catch you out on the road. Lastly, is there anything else you would like to share with us and your fans?

Thank you guys for all of your support over the years, cheers to Rocking’ Ryan, one of my favorite photographers! Can’t wait to see everyone in the flesh and have an incredible rocking 2023. BLUESPOWER!

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When you take a listen to the album, you can hear the variety of influences in Nichols music and created his own signature sound. He truly brings to life high energy adrenaline filled rock.  The album kicks right off with My Delusion and you are instantly in awe of his talent all the way until the last track, Out of Time. You can check out the video for Hard Wired here:


There is no way to pick a favorite on this album, it is one giant favorite! Nichols gritty vocals are infectious and riveting and his guitar playing has you with your jaw dropped and droolin!  To get a feel for his live performances, check out his live video of Down the Drain:



We look forward to catching Jared James Nichols as he sets out on tour.  He will be playing Thursday, January 19th at The Peppermint Club in Los Angeles to celebrate his new release.

Make sure to visit his social media sites and stay up to date on the latest news.

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