Soulfang dishes sexy alt rock with their debut album; Passions, Potions, Wicked Lullabies

Soulfang is ready to take you on a sexy alt rock ride with their debut album; Passions, Potions, Wicked Lullabies. The four piece rock band from Salt Lake City released their debut album only a week ago on June 21st and they have already taken over our playlists!

A Cohesive Sound Born from Isolation

The band formed in 2022, is delivering a sound so cohesive and polished that it feels like they have been playing together for decades. Their journey began during the pandemic, connecting online and through the local scene – a testament to the silver linings found in tough times. They came together with a variety of influences and genres. Their music blends soulful alt rock with tones of Motown funk, hard rock and modern alternative, all with a sultry edge.

Soulfang is:

  • Liz Seibert – vocals
  • Henry Robertson – guitars
  • Sam Robertson – bass & keyboards
  • Chris ‘Squid’ Stilling – drums


Their debut album is a genre-spanning masterpiece, resonating with listeners of all ages. It’s a rare gem that will offer something for everyone.  We had the opportunity to check out their deluxe vinyl edition and is a must have as it features a bonus of four acoustic Soulfang songs.  The acoustic version of Sunday Afternoon and Chemical Meditation stand-out, making the entire album worth the purchase!

The album explores themes of mental health, fluid sexuality, long-distance relationships, etc making it both deeply personal and universally relatable. The songs capture the band’s essence all the while offering a rockin powerful experience. The album delivers sultry vocals, grooving bass lines, energizing guitar riffs and hard rockin drums. Their sound is not just heard but felt which will make an indelible impression. The need for human connection during isolation birthed a band ready to become your new favorite band.

The album starts right off with Wildfire and from the first note, you are ready to strap in and get ready for a wild ride. It kicks off with some rockin’ guitars and energizing riffs that immediately get you pumped.  Liz’s vocals immediately grab a old of you and you are ready to be fully immersed.

Midnight Queen is a sexy romp of a track and then it follows up with one of my favorite tracks Clockwork.  This track gives such sultry soulful vibes and then builds up to a rockin jazz feel.  It is just about now you are feeling your cheeks begin to hurt because you can’t stop smiling as you know you have found a band you are truly falling in love with.

I’m Your Drug is another stand out track that has one of the catchiest melodies. The edginess of the song combines seamlessly with the infectious melody and once again, the sexiness of the track hits you.

Rollercoaster is an anthem sexy track.  You can’t help but feel the mood of this song with lyrics like:

You want on my rollercoaster,

come on take a ride Turn you upside down and over,

hang on for your life Climbing and dropping, poppin’ and lockin’ Rollin’ and rockin’,

I’m smooth but I am shocking The twirls and twists,

my turns and dips, Gonna be lit, y’all, think that you can handle this

The album (not deluxe version) ends with Can’t Be Saved and this is the perfect ending to the wild ride you just took. It is like the end of a wild night as you head home, rethinking all of your bad decisions but at the same time reveling in the joy it all gave you. The song itself takes on reflection of life and how we are all stardusts in this space and time.  This ethereal track hits a chord and it is just so damn peaceful!

We have to highlight the amazing artwork of their album. It captures the free spirit of their music and their creative essence. You have to get the vinyl and you will be taken back to a time when you would first open a vinyl and enjoy every bit of it. The graphics, liner notes, lyrics. You would just get captivated by it all.

Soulfang’s debut album is an album that demands your attention, offering a fresh yet nostalgic experience. It’s a perfect example of how challenging times can lead to the creation of something truly special. You can pick up the album on CD/Digital or my preferred VINYL! Click here to pick it up.

Make sure to visit their social media sites and stay up to date on the latest news.

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