The Vaccines had Oakland buzzing with their performance at the Fox Theater

The Vaccines wrapped up their US Tour with The Kooks with a final stop in Oakland at the Fox Theater and have everyone buzzing. The band delivered a super energetic set from the jump and the venue was packed. Photographer Eddie Grogg commented,

“I had never seen/heard of The Vaccines much before this show and as  they came out in dress shirts, ties, jackets, and slacks. it didn’t feel like a show in oakland. It felt like a show in an underground British pub. The fun set made me want to go back and listen to each of their albums. They definitely need to come back to the US immediately, they have tons of fans here  every corner of the Fox Theater was filled with Vaccine fans. I was one of them by the end of it. Loved the flowers on the stage and I even had the chance to talk to someone who brought flowers to throw on stage”

This might have been the last show of the tour but the energy they brought, had everyone feeling like it was the first night of the tour. The Vaccines have been out on tour in support of their latest album release, Pick up Full of Carnations which was released on January 12th via Thirty Tigers. Check out photos of their set by Eddie Grogg

You can pick up the latest album by heading HERE.  The album was produced by by Andrew Wells (Halsey, Phoebe Bridgers), Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations is the epitome of what The Vaccines do best: 60’s-inspired classicist guitar pop filtered through a new wave lens, with equal parts euphoria and melancholy. The album drips with fun while also exploring the ways real life lets us down – the title comes from a misremembered lyric in Don McLean’s “American Pie,” evoking the death of innocence and the American Dream. Though Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations is ultimately about reconciling with that loss, it’s also filled with gratitude for the people and places we once loved.

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