VIDEO ALERT: Check out Love Bite from Big Red Fire Truck

Oh hell yeah!  I love it when I hear about a band for the first time and get instantly HOOKED! Today that band is Big Red Fire Truck. These Australian rockers are satisfying my need for ROCK!!

About the band:

BIG RED FIRE TRUCK began in 2016 as a project by Digby to write some fun heavy metal and hard rock songs and fulfil his need to hear new music in the style of his beloved bands. Taking inspiration from the likes of VAN HALEN, RECKLESS LOVE, THE DARKNESS, AEROSMITH, SUM 41, and CRAZY LIXX, the quartet pay homage to previous generations of hard rock while delivering their own distinctive character.

Band Members:

  • Digby (Guitar and Lead Vocals)
  • Ben Frank (Guitar)
  • Pete Grant (Drums and Vocals)
  • Nick Frazier (Bass)

They have just released a video for their killer track “Love Bite”. The song is from their upcoming EP Trouble In Paradise which is out on August 4th, 2023. The band comments,

“‘Love Bite’ is a personal reflection of my experiences in the music industry and its comparison to the highs and lows of a place like Vegas. It’s easy to get caught up in the glittering facade of success and become fixated on the idea of making it big. I read an article recently that helped me come to realise that the industry is in fact a lot like a casino – a few win big, a few even win small and those that don’t are kicked to the curb and left to fend for themselves. This song is a reminder to myself and others to enjoy the journey, no matter what the outcome may be.”

Watch the video:

We can’t wait for the album and are really hoping they make it out to the States for some shows. I can only imagine the energy they will bring to the stage!

Track Listing: 1. Neon Sunsets2. Trouble In Paradise3. Love Bite4. Psychotropic Thunder5. Miami Skies6. Hot Summer Nights


Make sure to check out their social media sites for the latest news.

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