Banks Arcade return with new single “Chosen”

Banks Arcade’s attitude-fuelled new single ‘Chosen’ has been hand-picked as the theme song of the Rainbow Six Siege Oceanic Nationals for 2022. Over a gripping three minutes, ‘Chosen’ channels the best of Banks Arcade’s tethers in hard rock, grunge, electro, and metalcore.

The Oceanic Nationals is the premier Rainbow Six Siege tournament of the Oceanic region. The tournament will bring together the eight best Rainbow Six Siege teams across Australia and New Zealand to compete online for a $25,000 AUD prize pool in Stage 1 of the tournament.

On the collaboration with Banks Arcade, Ubisoft Managing Director Asia Pacific Edward Fong says:

“The start of the Oceanic Nationals is a big moment for Rainbow Six Siege e-sports locally and we are thrilled to announce this collaboration with Banks Arcade for the 2022 season. We’re proud to continue our support of local artists and can’t wait for the community to hear ‘Chosen’ during the broadcast.”

On the themes behind the track, Banks Arcade Joshua O’Donnell shares:

“As someone who has competed in MMA, I wanted to capture the feeling you get as you are walking out to fight someone in a cage. The mixture of fear, ‘holy F*** this is so cool’, and the calm resolve in the face of adversity. I live for these moments. When everything you have anticipated and visualised thousands of times is actually happening and you are completely present in a reality that feels exactly like a movie. There can be chaos all around you, but when your breath slows and you find peace amidst it and think ‘F*** the world I’ve got this’ Nothing beats that”.

On the opportunity to dive into the gaming world, he adds:

“It’s so cool to work on a project like this cause it forces you to think outside the box when you are creating something for a specific purpose. Harlan (Allen-Jone, bass) and James (Feekes, drums) are avid gamers and if Harlan wasn’t doing music he’d be trying to do it professionally. They both played Ubisoft games growing up so it’s really exciting to be able to collaborate with them!”.

Bank Arcade will be supporting Thornhill during their Australia tour in July 2022. Ticket sale starts April 1st HERE.

For more information on the band, follow their social media:

(Source: KINDA)


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