Brandon Baumann brings to life a cool new vibe to Audioslave’s Like A Stone

One of our favorite vocalists, Brandon Baumann has just released a cool new cover of Audioslave’s modern classic Like A Stone.  The song was released on February 22, 2022 and is definitely one you have to hear!  The song was produced and mixed by Rev. Tom Chandler. Brandon’s vocals are infectious and captivating. Check out a quick interview with Brandon here as he tells us more about the song and what he is up to:

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MJP: First off, hats off for a great cover of Like A Stone! It is an awesome song and you added your own style to it and breathed fresh new life in to it. How did you go about choosing that song?

Well that’s great! I’m glad you dig the interpretation. This song got chosen at the very end of a very long road of exploration. I’ve known for a long while I wanted to cover something that’s awesome and offer a different vibe to it, but I’ve intentionally avoided artists and recordings that I revere, to even be considered. I figured, there’s no competing with greatness. Let the giants sleep. I went through a long list of material with my longtime producer — Tom Chandler — trying renditions of a variety of songs from a variety of genres, both current and historical. And while some of them turned out really, actually good, and strong sounding, none of them quite felt genuine or authentic enough for me to really stand behind. It had to be something that I truly did love and care about, not just something that sounds cool, or I knew there’d be no point. So as soon as that strong sense of authenticity and connection became the main selection criteria, I knew right away it was time to be bold and do something I’ve always wanted to do.

Cornell is gospel, and one of my all time favorite singers / inspirados, so to approach any of his material, it’s critical to do it correctly. It had to be done the right way. Audioslave’s song is hands down a modern classic. Pure chemistry. Like I said, no one wants to hear a bad replica, so we decided to go a different way entirely and approach the whole thing from a different lens. We imagined how this song might have sounded if it were on Alice in Chains ‘Facelift’ debut album, or from that slice of Seattle time. It was immediately clear from the initial demo that this was the right song choice and style to present it. Having Frankie Lindia (guitar), Sam Harman (bass) and Zak St. John (drums) laying down the whole foundation really locked this particular sound and style into place. I’m stoked on it for sure.


What are you working on next with your music?

I’m looking at the release of ‘Like a Stone’ as the first release off of my next album. I have many goals with this new fuel, but first and foremost, more material. I am actively working on new music, putting together several songs for a release to come later in the year. This is definitely a sound / style that’s in my roots in every sense of the word, so I’m excited to channel some potent material and get a great album together. I’m not certain at this point if I’ll release this upcoming album solo, or mix things up and start a new band. Not sure yet. I still have big goals to tackle, so whatever feels like the best fit will be the way.


Your live performances are always filled with adrenaline and energy, Any shows planned?

Live shows are the absolute best. There’s something so potent about that energy release / energy exchange that’s happening. Pure electricity. One of the most unique and amazing things to experience for sure. Right now though, the focus is in the writing. Getting the material together for another proper album, that fully represents the new chapter, mindset, evolution and all that. The focus will shift back to the live experience at that point. I’m definitely fired up for what’s next up in this great journey.


Through the pandemic so much change was experienced. What are some of the things that were the biggest changes for you?

Oh wow, where to even begin! I believe this entire pand-o-mania induced major change across the board, macro to micro. There were a bevy of personal realizations that have improved the quality of my life and perspective tremendously. Learning to be more kind with oneself is a great place to start. On the work side, my hand certainly got forced in the realm of engineering my own recordings. Suddenly overnight, live shows were non-existence, and remote became the way. Not having the luxury of hitting the studio forced me to immerse myself further than the functional foundation I already had for my recording setup. That aspect of forced discipline was really a blessing in disguise, because now I’m that much more self-sufficient, and able to have a more productive workflow for my music and voice acting recording needs. 


Are you working on a video for Like A Stone?

Yes absolutely. As we speak, the video is in the final side of the editing stages. I’ve seen a few rough cuts and I am absolutely pumped. I can’t say I’m surprised though. The location of the filming was amazing. Myself and the directors (Simile Photography & Branding) — we lucked out and found some hidden gems in the Sierra Nevada Mountains outside of Lake Tahoe. The scenery was amazing, freshly covered in snow – really rad shots. But damn I say it was cold and hella windy hahahaha. The video will be released at some point in March. 


Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Thank you for taking the time to chat with me — I do appreciate the years of support MJP has had of my music. The coolest part? The best work is on the road ahead. Releasing “Like a Stone” has started a new course of momentum for a sound I’ve cherished since I first discovered my love of music. I’m looking forward to delivering more material in that vein — something worthy of bringing a freshness to the conversation. 

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You can check it out by heading over to to or take a listen below:


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