Buster shuffle share new video for “Hold Back The Rebels”

European tour in February!

credit: Andy Griffin

After the 2022-hit album “Go Steady” London Ska-Pop-punks Buster Shuffle return to the stage and bring a brand-new Buster-hymn with them called “Hold Back The Rebels”.

When Jet moved at the end of lockdown, he noticed he had a truly unusual neighbor. In the neighbor’s garden lived a turkey, a very very loud bird (day and night). This noisy meleagridinae (feel free to google it) spoiled a lot of tea times in the garden. Something had to be done, so Jet prepared his beloved cat and his dog (the rebels) for an “attack over the fence”. When his wife found out about it, she intervened last minute and ordered him to hold the rebels back.

During the production of the 7-inch-single and the tour no turkeys’ have been and will be harmed. The neighborhood dispute was solved peacefully.

Only 500 pieces of “Hold Back The Rebels”, on the b-side there’ll also be a brand-new song “Them Like Thunder”, will be pressed on 7-inch-green vinyl and can only be bought at Buster Shuffle live shows and through Cargo/375 Media! Buster Shuffle still goin’ steady!

So get your copy on one of the European dates

For more information on the band, follow their social media:





(Source: Starkult Promotion)

~ Alex


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